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Surgery-free post-birth vaginal tightening

Surgery-free post-birth vaginal tightening
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Having a vaginal birth isn’t a walk in the park. The older you are and the more babies you have, the less your vagina bounces back post-birth, leaving many mamas with a looser-feeling vagina than you might prefer.

Having strong pelvic floors and toned vaginal walls can feel unachievable by doing ongoing pelvic floor exercises alone. That’s where a vaginal rejuvenation treatments can fill the gap, so to speak.

The Juliet and ThermiVa are the latest in a series of vaginal lasers that actually stimulate your body to regenerate collagen-rich vaginal cells, restoring tone (tightness) and functions like self-lubrication. ENRICH has its own vaginal rejuvenation treatment program to get your vagina well and truly back in shape.

Vaginal rejuvenation - Enrich Clinic, MelbourneWho is Juliet, and why would I let her near my vagina?

Juliet goes deep with 300+ laser beams penetrates the mucosa and submucosa, the layers of your vaginal walls that are responsible for elasticity, lubrication and tone. Her laser beam stimulates the cells to regenerate themselves, which results in brand-new vaginal cells.

New cells means more collagen, which means more tightness – connective tissue like collagen gives our flesh flexibility and firmness. Friction is the main reported loss after collagen stretches out beyond return. The Juliet can help restore friction, making sex feel better.

Where Juliet can’t reach, the ThermiVa can. That’s why both are included in our unique vaginal rejuvenation treatment program.

Is this for new mums, or can I have it later in life?
Our state-of-the-art equipment can be used on almost any vagina, since it is now safer than ever and completely nonsurgical. That’s right. No blood, no mess, no pain. Just a tighter, more responsive vagina and urinary stress incontinence improvements from the cellular level up without surgery. You can be in and out in 15 minutes, and you’ll need at least one, possibly two, treatments for lasting results.

There is a small list of no-gos, for women who shouldn’t have this type of procedure, including pregnant women and those with vaginal or urinary tract infections. You need to have had a normal pap smear recently and not have any undiagnosed vaginal bleeding, but outside of that, this laser procedure is open to all women.

Tears and prolapse – is it too complicated?
It is well-observed that vaginal childbirth comes with a increased risk of vaginal and pelvic relaxation syndromes and sometimes traumatic tears, which can come with an increased risk of later prolapses due to tissue laxity or damage. This doesn’t exclude you from being able to make the most of laser vaginal rejuvenation techniques, and in fact these techniques may offer you excellent results.

If you have a complex or traumatic vaginal injury case, discuss it with one of our specialist doctors who can advise you on the best course of action.

Want to improve the tone or function of your vagina or improve urinary incontinence?
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