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Vaginal rejuvenation with the ThermiVa – we answer your questions

Vaginal rejuvenation with the ThermiVa – we answer your questions
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Vaginal rejuvenation with the ThermiVa – we answer your questionsThe ThermiVa treatments are an impressive tool to help with a poorly-functioning vagina. Just a few treatments, typically as part of our Intimate Program, can tighten, restore moisture, improve sexual responsiveness and continence, and rejuvenate the labia.

Women who are great candidates for ThermiVa treatments

  • Those experiencing vaginal laxity, looseness, or a rubbing feeling in jeans
  • Those experiencing orgasmic dysfunction or issues
  • Women who can’t hold a tampon in or have pelvic prolapse (bladder or rectum)
  • Those suffering urinary leakage or stress incontinence
  • Those with a dry vagina or labia due to menopause

Some frequently asked questions about the ThermiVa

Can I have the ThermiVa treatment if I have just had a baby via vaginal delivery?
We like to wait at least six weeks after a normal vaginal delivery to have ThermiVa treatments. Results have been excellent after this time, since healing is usually complete.

I have an undiagnosed vaginal condition. Can I have the ThermiVa treatment?
You will need to have your condition cleared by a doctor before you will be permitted to undergo the ThermiVa treatment. Please see your regular doctor or gynaecologist for assistance.

I’m under 18. Can I get the ThermiVa treatment?
There are no age limitations to the ThermiVa treatment, and every case will be evaluated individually, however under 18 we do usually require parental consent.

I have HPV and abnormal cells. Can I still get the ThermiVa treatment?
You should discuss treatment options for HPV, but there is no reason why you cannot get the ThermiVa treatments after treating HPV. High-risk HPV should be absolutely treated first. A normal Pap smear is required to undertake treatment.  Read more about who can and can’t get vaginal rejuvenation treatments. 

I have lichen sclerosus. Is the ThermiVa right for me?
Women with LS have responded very favourably with a reduction in symptoms after the ThermiVa. As always, results are patient dependent .

Got more questions about vaginal rejuvenation?
We deal in individuals, not absolutes.
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