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We can tighten your vagina after a vaginal delivery

We can tighten your vagina after a vaginal delivery
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Vaginal delivery can mean your vaginal tissue loses some of its former elasticity. There are a few things you can do to fix this, including Kegels, but this isn’t always the only answer.

Laser tightening of the vagina may sound like a strange idea (what exactly does the laser do?) but once you get familiar with the technology and understand how it works, you’ll soon see it’s one of the best things to happen to vaginas for quite some time.

What the vaginal laser does?
The Juliet Erbium laser uses its powers to selectively stimulate the specific vaginal cells that produce collagen – the mucosal and submucosal layers. These cells are responsible for your vagina’s elasticity, lubrication, and flexibility. When the collagen becomes stretched out and is not replaced, the result is a looser vagina.

The laser stimulates these cells – and only these cells – to regenerate, producing far more new collagen, and stimulating the cells ‘back to life’. Your vagina becomes tighter, lubricates more easily, and generally functions better than previously.

The Juliet Erbium laser can also be used to correct stress urinary incontinence. The results of this treatment for stress urinary incontinence are typically excellent.

What the laser doesn’t do?
The laser – while it might seem that way to some women – is not completely magic. It cannot tighten your pelvic floor muscles, which is a crucial ingredient for a tight vagina. You’ll need to do your pelvic floor exercises yourself to make the most of your new, tighter vagina post-laser.

The laser treatment does not last forever in most women, though it depends entirely on the state of your tissue at your first appointment. If you have a very loose vagina and lax pelvic structures, you may need more than one treatment to get good results. The results last for a year or more, when you can book a quick appointment and come back for a further treatment as required.

Image resultWhat does the research say?
Vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS), as they call it, went under the microscope in a 2014 study to test the efficacy of the vaginal laser. The researchers took 30 women who had given birth vaginally at some stage and were suffering from either a ‘relaxed’ vagina or vaginal atrophy. All the women were aged between 33 and 56 years old.

Each and every woman came out the other side with absolutely no adverse events, and with significant improvements in vaginal wall tone. This was noted at two months past the treatments. The women’s partners were also asked about vaginal tightness, and almost everyone agreed that sexual satisfaction was indeed improved. The researchers found that the vaginal wall was more elastic, tighter, and firmer.

The researchers noted that the treatments were pain-free, safe, side-effect-free, easily tolerated, and best of all, effective.

We can tighten your vagina this week!
Check out our vaginal rejuvenation program.

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