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What to know: neck and chin liposuction

What to know: neck and chin liposuction
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Liposuction under the chin, on the neck area, can get rid of ‘turkey neck’ and a double chin. Chin and neck liposuction creates a more slender chin profile, which often has a dramatic effect on the face.

The chin and neck doesn’t respond to exercise, and anyone can have excess fatty deposits under the chin and neck. It isn’t related to being overweight – even a slim person can have a double chin. It’s just the way we’re made, and it occurs more so as we age.  You can’t exercise away a double chin, but a double chin does tend to increase if you put on weight.

A double chin can make you look a lot older than you are or feel. 

Double chins occur on men and women equally, and both genders respond just as well to a liposuction treatment to remove this fat.

Liposuction to remove a double chin
This treatment is reasonably quick and recovery is quite fast with very little downtime, due to the small area being treated. You can be back at work the next day or within several days (depending on your job). It’s more popular than a face lift, and newer techniques mean only two tiny scars that are not visible to the naked eye.

Can I get neck or chin liposuction?
The only prerequisites for liposuction of the chin and neck area is being in good health and are able to heal normally. A good understanding of liposuction and what it can and can’t do is useful, since having very high expectations of your treatment may lead to disappointment: liposuction is not magic, but it can improve the contour of your face and neck.

Will I have baggy skin afterwards?
No. The skin naturally retracts to fit whatever is inside of it, so when you take the heavy fat away, the skin goes back. If you do have ageing skin that has a tendency to sag, your liposuction may be paired with skin-tightening or other facial rejuvenation treatments.

Cost of neck and chin liposuction in Melbourne
You can expect to pay into the thousands for chin and neck liposuction in Melbourne, but this will depend on the treatments you are given, including elsewhere on your body where desired.

Have a more beautiful chin and neck line.
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