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What’s happens to your neck when you get older?

What’s happens to your neck when you get older?
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An ageing neck develops a little differently for each of us, but there are a few common themes: wrinkling, sagging, pigmentation spots, taut platysmal bands, and a double chin.

We tend to ignore our necks in favour of our faces, since we see the lines on our faces appear before those on our neck. Neck skin is thinner, so signs of ageing can appear suddenly. In women, this may occur around menopause, when an abundance of wrinkles may appear over the course of a few years without the anti-ageing influence of oestrogen. In men, the development tends to be slow and steady, but we all end up at the same point.

Neck ageing signs

  • Wrinkles
  • Crepey skin
  • Zig-zag patterns
  • Horizontal or vertical lines
  • Folds
  • Sagging skin
  • Fine lines
  • Double chin

What causes neck lines – neck ageing signs

The skin on our neck has virtually nothing to hold it up, so when we talk about what causes neck lines, lack of support is the first important point. There is very little fat in our necks, so nothing to plump out the skin, like in the face. This makes it easier for neck skin to start to sag over on itself with gravity, creating neck lines. These can be vertical or horizontal.

The muscles of the neck become looser, causing the skin to sag with them. This creates that ‘turkey neck’ look, where the point of the chin and our decolletage creates a tent of skin, instead of the skin hugging the contours of our face and neck.

The bulge underneath the chin bone and jaw, the double chin, occurs due to a pocket of fat accumulating. This fat pocket can be removed quickly and easily with chin liposuction, instantly transforming your profile.

How the face ages

The main ingredient in healthy, plump skin is a special molecule that acts as a nutrient transporter and stimulator for collagen and elastin. Without this molecule, our skin cells – fibroblasts – aren’t as active. This special molecule in our skin can hold up to a thousand times its own weight in water, and is present in joints, skin, and other connective tissue. It keeps us limber and flexible, and our skin strong and line-free, but naturally diminishes as we age.

How the face ages, and the neck follows, is largely dependent on fat and collagen, with the loss of these elements resulting in skin that sags, creating more wrinkles and bags.

Treatment options for signs of ageing on the neck

  • Dermal fillers
  • Chin liposuction
  • Anti-wrinkle injections for platysmal bands (taut neck bands)
  • Thread lift
  • Laser and light/energy treatments
  • Trusculpt
  • Fat dissolving injections

Dermal fillers for the ageing neck

Dermal fillers add volume to horizontal neck lines. Most modern dermal fillers also stimulate collagen and elastin, improving skin performance while offering a volume boost. Dermal fillers can also increase hydration and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Dermal fillers need to be replaced when the effect wears off, after the filler is absorbed naturally and harmlessly into the body. Each fill site on the face or neck will absorb the filler at a different rate, so staying power varies. For example lip filler is absorbed quite quickly due to the mouth being a high-traffic zone, whereas filler in the nose lasts much longer.

Liposuction for the ageing neck

The shapeless fat pocket that can accumulate over time under the chin, causing a double chin, can be quickly and easily removed using chin liposuction. This is a very short procedure in our clinic, with very little downtime. Chin liposuction creates a shapely facial contour.

Find out more about chin liposuction 

Anti-wrinkle injections on platysmal bands

The platysmal bands are the two muscles that run vertically down the front of the neck, and as we age they can appear taut, stringy and prominent. This occurs naturally as the skin thins and loses elasticity, and the bands tighten.

Anti-wrinkle injections can soften and relax the appearance of these muscles. Anti-wrinkle injections last about four months, and require repeat treatments to continue to provide the softening effect on the neck.

Read more about the science behind the ageing neck and anti-wrinkle injections.

Thread lift (or suture lift) for the ageing neck

A thread lift is a procedure whereby a suture (medical-grade thread) is looped through the skin on the jawline, lifted to the optimal level for best lifting effect, then attached to the sides of the jaw or face with small cones. This provides a lift to the jaw and neck instantly.

The sutures absorb over time, but the supportive collagen that grows around the thread helps retain the look. The thread lift is a non-invasive procedure performed in the clinic, and is one of our most popular non-surgical treatments for the ageing neck and jawline.

Laser, light and wave therapies for the ageing neck

There are many incredible devices at ENRICH’s Armadale clinic for rejuvenating skin on the face and neck. Depending on what elements of your neck you are concerned about, we can choose a state-of-the-art device to help.

This may include laser resurfacing treatments to remove the top layer of skin (reducing the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation), stimulate collagen production (to help keep the neck tissue firmer), and improve skin texture and tone.

Read more about the science behind laser treatments for the ageing neck.

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