There is now a blood

20 March, 2018

Body image is a huge topic worthy of discussion and debate, since many of us fall prey to the images we see around us regarding what is hot or not. This has led many of us down the garden path of short-lived (and often comical) bouts of hardcore dieting or exercise, and at the extreme […]


The spiky skin patch that

24 January, 2018

A microneedle skin patch has been devised at a university research centre that could help treat obesity and diabetes – and works brilliantly for spot fat removal – in the future, after successful mouse trials were completed. The skin patch is capable of converting white fat – the energy-storing kind – to brown fat – […]


Body contouring after weight loss

29 December, 2017

Losing weight has immense benefits, but accepting with good grace the body you are sometimes left with – lighter as it may be – can be a rude surprise. Stretched skin, hygiene issues, sagging pockets, and lumps and bumps may cause discomfort in your life, despite your weight being less and your BMI fitting into […]


Older first-mums: skin tightening treatments

29 September, 2017

Getting pregnant and giving birth later in life is now more common than ever, with many women having their first babies in their late thirties and forties, and sometimes even in their fifties. The number of women giving birth later has trebled in a decade, causing a surge in fertility services, but also in plastic surgery and skin […]