“It’s all about empowerment” –

11 December, 2018

ENRICH Clinic is one of Melbourne’s leading dermatology and cosmetic surgery practices, offering the most advanced techniques and world-class technologies in the world. Our team are also committed to nurturing people as a whole and understanding the various factors and reasons that bring a person to cosmetic treatment. When you look good, you feel good – […]


Lifestyle post lipo – Liposuction

1 November, 2018
Dr Michael Rich of ENRICH Clinic Melbourne has been at the forefront of the best and most effective  liposuction procedures in Melbourne. As a highly regarded liposuction specialist, Dr Rich has chaired the liposuction symposium at the World Congress of Dermatology. He has also previously chaired the liposuction symposium for Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery. [...]

How much will my liposuction

1 August, 2018

Liposuction is a safe and effective removal method for stubborn fat deposits. It can be used to reduce fat in the arms, abdomen neck, chin, thighs and buttocks and reshape the body. Consider ENRICH Clinic for Liposuction Melbourne treatment. ENRICH Clinic’s Dr Michael Rich has been at the forefront of the best liposuction in Armadale, Melbourne. How […]


Brazilian butt lift FAQs –

13 May, 2018
The now famous Brazilian butt lift has come to Melbourne, to give you the shapely buttocks of your dreams. A fat graft or fat transfer is performed using fat from another area of your body, we treat it with a special substance to make the transfer more successful, then inject it into your buttocks using [...]