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Can cellulite go away on its own?

Can cellulite go away on its own?
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Cellulite is the result of some complex body stuff going on, and while it might seem unsightly, it’s just the way fat looks on our bodies. Yes, it can go away on its own if, for example, you lost weight or started weight training, but you can still have cellulite if you are thin and exercise a lot.

Let’s investigate a little.

Packing fat

Fat packs into columns. Think of a city’s tall buildings; each tall building is a column that runs from the skin to the muscle, and the walls of the columns are the fibrous tissue that holds the fat in the column.

If you were to look down on this city, you would see the fat bulging out the top of the tall buildings. This bulge out the top is what you see when you look at your cellulite.

This process is normal. There is nothing strange going on here and nothing you could do differently to make fat be stored any other way. It’s how your body works.

Nothing much in, nothing much out

One of the characteristics of the fat stored in cellulite-prone areas is that there isn’t a great deal of blood flow or fluid movement in and out of the cells.

This low-energy environment is how fat lives out its life; it doesn’t need much to survive, not much blood or nutrients, so it sits all flaccid and useless, like containers at the dock. cellulite infographic

How we interrupt and modulate your fat spectators to reduce the appearance of cellulite

  • We can loosen the fibrous columns that surround the fat columns, relaxing them to smooth out the bulge. This action is the equivalent of loosening your belt.
  • Increase the movement of fluid in and out of the area by stimulating the metabolic activity in the area.
  • Increase blood flow to the area, to help stimulate metabolic activity and get things moving.

We do these tasks using a few different high-tech devices here at ENRICH Clinic.

We can improve the look of cellulite

You can never ‘get rid’ of cellulite because it’s just your body doing its thing, but you can smooth out the bumps. Depending on how bumpy your cellulite is (and the results always vary between patients) we can certainly make a dent in it (so to speak).

Our favourite cellulite-smoothing treatments are: 

Slimspec acoustic wave therapy for cellulite

The Slimspec device is designed to achieve a gradual, visible smoothing of the skin’s surface. We often use the Slimspec with other body-contouring procedures to maximise anti-cellulite results. Cellulite Removal Melbourne

The Slimspec uses acoustic (sound) waves to stimulate metabolic activity in the treatment area and soften the tight, fibrous columns. Fluid movement in and out of the area increases, reducing the bulging appearance of trapped lymph fluid. This fluid movement increases drainage and release of fluids and toxins that fat cells retain while increasing oxygen supply.

The Slimspec also increases the production of collagen and elastin fibres, which provides flexible support for the area.

Top points on Slimspec cellulite treatments

  • Painless
  • Non-invasive
  • No downtime
  • No side-effects
  • Boosts effect when used with other treatments like fat freezing

Ultraformer with the ThermiTight

We use the Ultraformer to target cellulite. The Ultraformer is a high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment that works to tighten skin, reduce fat deposits and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The Ultraformer uses ultrasonic waves to stimulate collagen and elastin, which in turn tones the skin and underlying tissue. We then use the ThermiTight, a radiofrequency probe inserted just under the skin, which acts to break down fat tissue and tighten the skin.

Fat freezing or liposuction

Directly removing fat deposits often results in the tightening and toning of cellulite-prone areas. If the main issue is simply excess fat, bulging columns, we can smooth out the surface of the skin with targeted fat removal.

Fat freezing is a lasting, non-invasive fat removal technique using low temperatures. The low temperatures damage fat cells, which are then scavenged by the body over the coming months. Fat freezing requires several treatments for best results.

Liposuction, also a lasting fat removal treatment, uses targeted suction to remove fat from the body in a single treatment for precision body contouring.

Tumescent liposuction is the gold standard in fat cell removal, and Dr Micheal Rich is an expert in this technique having trained under Dr Jeffery Klein, the inventor of this technique and having performed this procedure for over 30 years.

Tumescent liposuction is performed under local anaesthesia, reducing both blood loss and recovery time significantly.

The Secret RF and micro-needling

If a cellulite-prone area is very dimpled, we may use the Secret radiofrequency and micro-needling device to smooth cellulite. The micro-needling breaks down tight, fibrous bonds, relaxing the treatment area and causing smoothing, while the radiofrequency energy uses heat to soften and remodel the collagen in the fibrous columns.

We use the Secret for remodelling scar tissue using this process, and it’s very effective for loosening off any tight fibrous tissue across the body or face. The Secret is not for newbies.

The Glow Gun

The Glow Gun can help create a more even appearance if there are irregularities on the skin’s surface. The Glow Gun uses absorbable dermal filler to fill hollowed or dimpled problem areas.

The dermal filler we use is a molecule that absorbs a thousand times its weight in water, so the treated area is plumped out, eradicating the shadows caused by dimples.

How many cellulite treatments will I need?

Cellulite management is an ongoing process because your body will continue to do what it does best: store fat in tight, fibrous columns. It will also depend on where the cellulite is and how far it spans across the body. Everyone is different.

You may also need a combination of treatments to gain the best results. Remember we can’t eradicate cellulite entirely, as your body is continually changing and cellulite is part of it “doing its thing”, but we can help smooth and reduce the look of it.

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