Is liposuction an effective weight

27 July, 2018
Liposuction is a safe and effective fat-removal treatment. It can be used to reduce stubborn fat deposits in the arms, abdomen neck, chin, thighs and buttocks, and to reshape the body. ENRICH Clinic’s Dr Michael Rich has been at the forefront of the best liposuction in Armadale, Melbourne. How does liposuction work? Liposuction removes stubborn [...]

Does marijuana cause ‘man-boobs’?

2 August, 2017

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests men who smoke marijuana have a greater tendency towards developing breast tissue (gynaecomastia) than men who do not smoke. The first scientific paper discussing the impact of THC on hormone systems was published way back in 1972 in the New England Journal of Medicine. This study […]


Liposuction for men – beer

14 July, 2016

Streamlining your physique is what liposuction is all about, and men are using this procedure in increasing numbers to improve their contours. Liposuction procedures for men can remove unwanted excess belly fat, love handles, man-boobs, and back fat, and improve muscle definition. The results in men can be quite striking. The way fat is deposited on […]