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Are dermal fillers better than a facelift?

Are dermal fillers better than a facelift?
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dermal filler better than faceliftTo change the contours of your face, we now have a variety of techniques that work with what you’ve got, rather than surgically changing your face. You can plump your cheeks, accentuate your jawline or temple, or fill out your lips and hands. We can remove fat pockets, recontour your neckline, and fill out wrinkles so they all but disappear.

Your qualified, experienced cosmetic doctor will determine the right treatment for your skin – there is no such thing as one size fits all, or one treatment that is right for every face or body. We have a face sculpting program second to none that we will tailor to your needs and desires.

Why choose face sculpting with dermal fillers?

 1. It costs less
Injectable wrinkle fillers offer a more youthful, contoured appearance compared to a traditional facelift for a fraction of the cost.

 2. It’s quick
You can pop into the clinic and be out in 30-60 minutes for most injectable dermal filler treatments. Recovery time is minimal and you don’t need to stop work.

3. It works straight away
You walk out of our clinic with the results – the injections are fillers, so they plump out your wrinkles immediately after they are injected, but best results are seen in two weeks.

4. Dermal filler injections cause minimal discomfort
The discomfort and recovery time for most people is minimal. There could be some bruising or swelling, but this is generally gone within 48 hours.

Contact us for a personal consultation to discuss your facial contouring with one of our highly-trained, experienced cosmetic doctors.

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