Hyperhidrosis Program overview

Everyone is a little  bit different, so your hyperhidrosis treatment protocol will also be unique to  you, depending on your specific symptoms and lifestyle. Not every treatment is suitable for each person, so we make sure your treatments will suit you.

First, we’ll discuss and test for any medical causes of your hyperhidrosis – this could include medications you are on, including anti-depressants or infections like malaria or HIV.

Download: Hyperhidrosis Program – Treatment Information Sheet

Treatment options for hyperhidrosis in our Hyperhidrosis Program

  • Driclor, applied at night to dry skin, rinsed off each morning
  • Microwave thermolysis
  • Drug therapy – Propantheline, Oxybutynin or Glycopyrrolate
  • Surgery
  • Liposuction to remove sweat glands
  • Iontophoresis
  • Muscle relaxant injections
  • ThermiRF treatments
  • Secret RF needling treatments

Hyperhidrosis can be helped, though these are only management strategies, and do not constitute a complete cure.

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