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Injections may be superseded by tablets for severe eczema

Injections may be superseded by tablets for severe eczema
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  • Injections may be superseded by tablets for severe eczema

People who suffer from eczema and receive medication via injections may be in for a treatment surprise if phase two trials are successful with an oral medicine.

A new tablet or capsule may replace the usual injections given for severe eczema, which can have terrible side-effects with long-term use. People on eczema injections sometimes find that when they stop receiving treatments, the eczema comes back worse than ever.

The injections were a revolutionary treatment for moderate to severe eczema, with about half the patients trialled seeing a 75 per cent reduction in eczema. This was achieved with injections every second week for 16 weeks. Side-effects included patients developing cold sores and conjunctivitis, both of which were considered minor.

The oral treatment has not been compared directly with the injections in trials yet, but results are encouraging so far. The new treatment uses Janus kinases (JAK) inhibitors, rather than interleukins, as the injections do.

The study so far includes 166 participants who received a different dose of active drug or placebo. At 16 weeks, more patients on active drugs achieved improvements in their symptoms, with itch being the most significant symptom to drop off.

About eczema

Atopic dermatitis – eczema – presents with dry, flaky, scaly, itchy skin that requires extra care. Some people can suffer day and night with eczema, with night itching so severe that they cause themselves to bleed in their sleep from scratching. Many children have eczema, but grow out of it, though we’re not really sure why. Adults with eczema may struggle to treat their skin condition, and it can appear in very conspicuous places, like on the face or arms.

Treating eczema

There are many methods we use to treat eczema, which may include internal or external treatments. Symptom management is very important, since dry itchy skin can drive people crazy, so a good moisturiser, proper showering and bathing instructions, and identifying any trigger foods, activities or irritants is key. Read more about treating eczema.

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