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What a lip reduction involves

What a lip reduction involves
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Lip reductions in Australia may seem like a ridiculous notion because most Australian women are Caucasian (over 90 per cent), and are more interested in a puffy pout than reducing their (already often meagre) lip volumes, but this isn’t the case for all women. Lip reductions are on the rise. 

Women (and some men) who are opting for lip reductions are most often from racial backgrounds where larger lips are in ample supply, and less of a delightful novelty than typically thin-lipped Caucasian faces.

Lip augmentation treatments are increasing – demand for lip filler seems to know no bounds – but the new trend of  lip reductions has been emerging slowly. Asian women are leading the charge here.

The lip reduction procedure involves removing tissue from the edge of the lip where the dry meets the wet, known in medical terms as the wet-dry vermillion border. Skin is removed from this area, then the lip is stitched up to create a new lip line. The result? A smaller, thinner pair of poutier lips.

A lip reduction is a very different procedure to lip filler. Lip filler only includes injections into the lips, where as a lip reduction requires scalpel work and stitches. Lip reduction surgery can take a few weeks to fully heal, with the stitches removed or dissolving after about a week. Pain is tolerable, but a soft-food diet is recommended until the swelling goes down. This type of treatment is long-lasting, since the lip will never grow back; it will simply heal, albeit a bit smaller than before.

A quick check on Instagram under #lipreduction shows over 5,000 posts tagged, showing lips in various states of repair from lip reduction surgeries. The trend seems to be to create a top lip with a downward peak, but each person undergoing this surgery will have their own desires for the perfect lips.

We don’t do lip reductions, but we can still give you a pretty pout.
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