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Men: getting the most out of your face

Men: getting the most out of your face
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The contemporary male look is one that involves sharp contours – a strong nose, well-defined midface, a powerful chin and defined jaw. The male face tends to be squarer, with equally balanced upper and lower proportions. Muscle mass, tissue, and blood vessels in men’s faces all differ to women.

Because most cosmetic procedures to date have been performed on women, cosmetic surgeons have by default more experience on the female face. It has also been ‘not quite as socially acceptable’ for a man to have cosmetic treatments, but that is quickly changing as more men see the benefits of enhancing their natural features.

Men’s faces can benefit from the same sorts of treatments as women frequently do, but the application of these tools is different, since masculinity looks different to femininity. Aesthetic goals for men can include squaring and filling of a weak chin, softening deep forehead furrows, and accentuating the jawline: all masculine features.

There are several options to enhance a man’s face.

Muscle-relaxant injections to relax upper facial lines to keep eyebrows flatter
The upper facial creases can be relaxed to preserve the flatter arch of men’s eyebrows. While women may wish lift the brows as they droop, this typically isn’t something men need. Women’s eyebrows peak in the middle, whereas men’s are flatter – this means muscle-relaxant injections can be useful in not only smoothing the forehead, but keeping brows in their optimal position.

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Dermal filler for laugh lines (nasolabial folds) and volumiser for cheeks
Laugh lines can be softened in men using dermal fillers. Any sagginess or hollowness can be related to a loss of fat tissue in the face, which occurs as we age, but can also be acquired through certain medical conditions where fat is broken down or by weight loss. Cheek correction can also be offered using dermal fillers.

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The square chin
Masculinity is associated with a square chin. Volumisers used in the chin can add shape and definition, particularly in cases where the chin isn’t very well-defined. Read more about reshaping chins

Lip reshaping
Men often reject lip reshaping outright, associating lip treatments that plump lips to be solely the domain of women. Men, however, can benefit from lip reshaping, since they often have thin lips.

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Men can get a lot out of contouring and shaping, without a lot of expense and with treatments being temporary – you can try it out for size without lasting repercussions. Cosmetic treatments for men are becoming more and more popular, in particular liposuction, which can sometimes dramatically reshape the torso, chest, arms, back, and belly.

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