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Vaporising pearly penile papules

Vaporising pearly penile papules
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Removing pearly penile papules (PPPs) is easy and quick, with just one laser treatment required. The process is simple: the targeted laser works from the outside in to vaporise the small bumps around the rim of the head of the penis. There is no damage to any other area of the penis, which is why these lasers are ideal for this procedure.

There are no harmful effects of this treatment, and recovery is quick – the treated area will scab over and heal like a normal cut or scrape would, healing completely in about two weeks. A dressing is applied to the area for around a week, with some swelling and initial bleeding expected. Your unwanted PPPs rarely return, so you can rest assured just one treatment is likely to be required.

Understanding PPPs

As you probably know, PPPs are not harmful, infectious or dangerous in any way. They are a normal skin variant that presents as a string of tiny flesh-coloured pearls around the glans, and may develop in a man’s twenties or thirties.

Many men want this laser treatment because they feel self-conscious about their penis’ appearance. Up to 43 per cent of men will experience these bumps, which are more likely to form in uncircumcised men. The PPPs can appear – and disappear – on their own.

Don’t ever pick or try to pop the PPPs – you can cause damage or scarring.

pearly penile papulesDr Rich has been doing this for decades

Dr Michael Rich has been removing pearly penile papules for over two decades using advanced technologies. Dr Rich prefers to use the Erbium Laser, since the technique is quick and safe, only removing the outer layers of the skin, vaporising the papules.

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Vaporise them.
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