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The nose knows

The nose knows

Our noses are one of our most prominent facial features, though most people pay little attention to it. If you’ve always had a ‘thing’ about your nose, but the idea of invasive and painful rhinoplasty surgery is daunting, we’ve got nonsurgical rhinoplasty options. 

Nose treatments we offer include:

Non-surgical nose job and enhancement options

In the past, the only pathway to a more attractive nose was a surgical nose job and its attendant pain and extended recovery times. There are now non-surgical treatment options to enhance the appearance of your nose without rhinoplasty surgery. 

A nose job without surgery – how is that possible?

Answer: the dermal filler nose job.

Our non-surgical nose job is performed in-house with minimal discomfort and a much quicker recovery than traditional nose job recovery times – walk out with a new nose thanks to strategically placed dermal filler injections. 

The dermal filler nose job performed by one of our experienced cosmetic doctors smoothes out irregularities and can make a large nose seem smaller or a bumpy nose seem smooth. In the hands of our expert cosmetic dermatologists, injectable nose filler augments the nose by offering greater symmetry. 

With a deep understanding of aesthetic principles and anatomy, ENRICH’s cosmetic specialists may recommend a once-off or several treatments over a few months to obtain the best results.

We know that the secret to a beautiful nose is all about enhancing what nature gave you, sometimes with very little filler. Nose fillers can round out a flat nose bridge or create symmetry where a nose hollows on one side. 

We can:

  • Reshape the nose bridge
  • Adjust the angle of the nose tip
  • Reduce the appearance of nose length
  • Fill out hollows on either side of the nose to create symmetry
  • Enhance or minimise the space between the end of the nose and the upper lip

Results can last for up to two years without impacting or damaging nasal passages. Your practitioner will also instruct you on enhancing the effects of your non-surgical procedure with a regime of good hydration, skincare and top-up injections.

Rhinophyma treatment in Melbourne

For those living with the disfiguring skin condition rhinophyma, your confidence may have taken a battering. Rhinophyma mainly affects the nose, causing the skin to thicken and appear lumpy due to enlarged pores and open sebaceous glands. Rhinophyma can result in permanent disfigurement if left untreated.

We offer two rhinophyma treatment options: 

  • Topical medications
  • Laser resurfacing using the ultra pulse CO2 laser and Erbium CO2 laser

Our dermatologists develop a treatment program just for you. While it may take several months to see results with more invasive laser treatments, these are often very effective and a worthwhile course of treatment. 

What causes rhinophyma? 

There are differing theories as to what causes rhinophyma. However, we understand that enlarged blood vessels and a weakening of the vascular systems can cause fluid to leak into nose tissue. 

Patients with the condition may start to see:

  • Thin, red blood vessels appear on the tip of the nose (telangiectasia)
  • Further enlargement of these blood vessels over time and an increase in a purplish hue (venulectasias)
  • Pitted and thickened skin on the tip of the nose
  • Enlarged sebaceous (oil) glands which may ooze sebum

Time to get your nose back – rhinophyma treatments

Our non-surgical treatment options at ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne include topical treatments which may help to reduce the round, bulky growths on the end of the nose in the first instance.

Where rhinophyma is more advanced, our experienced doctors may recommend laser resurfacing the nose using the CO2 ultra pulse laser first, followed by the Erbium CO2 laser. This laser procedure involves the removal of the damaged outer layers of skin on the nose and may take at least 7-10 days to complete. While redness of the nose may last for some time after the procedure, the results can last much longer than topical applications or an oral medication program.

Getting serious about snoring

When snorers go to sleep, the soft tissue at the back of the throat relaxes, producing vibrations with each breath. Snoring is bad for your health and the health of anyone you share a bed with and is an indicator of poor sleep. Snoring can be the trigger for or a symptom of other health issues. 

It is important to note that obstructive sleep apnoea is a different condition whereby a person stops breathing for short periods during sleep. Your doctor should rule out sleep apnoea before you proceed with snoring treatment. Speak to your doctor about testing. 

SnoreLess with us 

The SnoreLess Program at ENRICH Clinic uses lasers and radiofrequency treatments to reduce the soft tissue at the back of the throat and tighten the soft palate, thereby reducing throat vibrations during sleep. 

In this half-hour procedure, the Romeo laser heats the tissue of the soft palate to tighten it. There is no downtime after the treatment, although you should avoid cold food, drinks, and exercise before and on the day of the surgery. 

A month after the initial procedure, you may require follow-up treatment, followed by bi-annual or as-needed treatments for optimal results.

To find out more about our nose treatment options, get in touch.

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