Top 10 uses of dermal fillers

Top 10 uses of dermal fillers
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  1. dermal filler for brow liftCheek dermal fillers 

    Cheeks are the number one area that people have treated with dermal filler, particularly as we age, since the cheeks start to lose volume. The benefits are that the cheeks – particularly when there is sufficient fat and volume – make us look more youthful. The cheeks tend to lose volume over time due to the effects of a loss of collagen and gravity.

  2. Lip dermal fillers

    Lip enhancements using dermal filler are very common and can boost lip volume and shape with a few carefully placed dermal filler injections. Plumper lips can add a youthful touch to the face, particularly when lips are thinner or there are lines around the lips. There are several ways to accentuate lips, but having an experienced, skilled doctor with an artful eye doing your injections is your number one tool. The ratios between your upper and lower lips will then be perfect and nobody will notice.

  3. Chin dermal fillers 

    The chin makes a huge – but subtle – impact on your profile. The chin has a specific ratio in the structure of the face that must be equal for symmetry and our perception of ‘attractiveness’. Ratios that are off can cause the face to seem unbalanced, however remember that this is just a guideline: your face has its own unique characteristics that make it beautiful. A chin that balances out your facial features can accentuate what you already have.

  4. Brow lift using dermal fillers 

    A brow lift using dermal filler on the outer brow can raise the eyebrow up just a touch, creating a more youthful-looking eye.

  5. Nasolabial fold dermal fillers

    The nasolabial folds – the creases that join the sides of your nose and mouth – can be caused or deepened by volume loss in the cheeks. This can be both prevented and treated at the same time by adding volume to the cheeks (see number one), but also treating the nasolabial folds themselves.

  6. Marionette ‘sad face’ mouth line dermal fillers 

    The small lines that eventually appear next to our mouths that create the ‘sad face’ look are one of the top treated areas of the face. These marionette lines are treated more as we age, since the lines are a result of a loss of collagen and the effects of gravity.

  7. Forehead, temple and frown line dermal fillers

    The forehead is an area of our faces that can develop horizontal or vertical (or both) lines, sometimes quite deep. These lines and creases can be filled in with dermal filler and softened considerably, while the temples can have volume added.

  8. Jowl dermal fillers 

    Over time, your jowls start to hang, with the jawline looking less firm. Treatments with dermal filler can straighten out the jawline, creating a more youthful appearance, helping to buoy the cheeks up. This can be combined with cheek dermal filler.

  9. Tear troughs and bags under the eye dermal fillers

    Applying dermal filler injections to the under-eye area can immediately remove or diminish ‘bags’ under the eyes, creating a more rested appearance.

  10. Dermal fillers for non-surgical rhinoplasty (‘nose job’) 

    Another very popular use of dermal filler treatments includes the nonsurgical rhinoplasty (‘nose job’), which can fill in bumps and lumps, evening out the nose without surgery.

Dermal fillers can make a profound difference to a face.
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