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What does the SkinGlow Program involve?

What does the SkinGlow Program involve?
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The ENRICH Skin Glow Program – what is it?
The program utilises a combination of three proven rejuvenating therapies across three consecutive months to get the most out of your skin. The aim is to rejuvenate skin cells from deep layers, improving the look, feel, and function of your skin over time.

Download: SkinGlow Program – Treatment Information Sheet

Step 1 – Genesis laser treatment
This treatment is the first in the series of three, and first reduces any excess redness, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment evens out texture and tone.

Step 2 – LED light therapy
LED light therapy is a proven way to rejuvenate skin cells, stimulating deeper layers to produce collagen to keep skin firm.

Step 3 – Dermal filler blend
Using a special blend of essential nutrients and a collagen and elastin stimulator naturally found in skin – hydration and skin quality is improved over time. Dermal filler injections can compensate for the natural loss of certain molecules in the skin that occurs as we age, but it does more than that – it actually rejuvenates your skin as long as it remains present.

Skin Glow Program package outline
The program involves three treatments each, over three months, of:

  1. 3ml Redensity-1
  2. LED light therapy
  3. Genesis laser treatment

How to book
If you want to have a chat with one of our skin consultant doctors, call for a 30-minute appointment. If you want to go ahead with the treatment, call us or make an online booking request. The treatment will be carried out by one of our very experienced nurses, with a doctor consulting with you prior to treatment.

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