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What is the GlamFace Program?

What is the GlamFace Program?
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The GlamFace Program at ENRICH is a combination of treatments tailored to your needs. The treatments are all high-tech, and can treat large pores, dull skin, redness, and dehydrated skin.

GlamFace – Dull Skin Program

This treatment program stimulates collagen production and improves the surface texture of the skin to give you glowing, radiant skin. We use the Secret RF radiofrequency device which uses needling technology to send beams of energy below the skin’s surface, plus possibly a laser and/or chemical peels. You may also need microdermabrasion, but your doctor will discuss the best options for your skin, as part of your GlamFace Dull Skin Treatment Program.

GlamFace – Large Pore Treatment Program

Large pores can be adjusted by stimulating collagen to reduce pore size and generate radiance. We might use a laser to stimulate collagen production and tighten skin, reducing pore size that way. This may be used in conjunction with rejuvenating treatments such as peels and radiofrequency devices. Your pores won’t know what hit them, and they will shrink back from whence they came, nowhere to be seen. Your skin will glow.

GlamFace – Dehydrated Skin Program

Dehydration takes you one step closer to visible signs of ageing, so counteract that with our GlamFace hydration techniques. We have injectable skin boosters, but we also take you into PRP – platelet-rich plasma, using your own stem cells to rejuvenate your skin. Peels can also be really useful, taking off the top layer of dry skin to reveal the fresh, soft skin underneath. LED treatments can also help. Hydrated skin is beautiful skin.

GlamFace – Redness Removal Program

Remove redness with our GlamFace redness removal treatments. We even out your skin tone by stimulating collagen, using tools that reduce or eliminate unwanted blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. We can reduce excessive blood flow to the skin.

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