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Why the ‘natural look’ is the new buzz in injectable and cosmetic procedures

Why the ‘natural look’ is the new buzz in injectable and cosmetic procedures
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  • Why the ‘natural look’ is the new buzz in injectable and cosmetic procedures

Fashions tend to come full circle, and this time the latest fad is ‘the natural look’. This new trend is perfect because anyone can achieve this look at home without spending a cent!

We’re just kidding. It takes a lot of work to roll out of bed, looking stunning. Glowing skin and the perfect low brow takes work. However, we’re in luck, since accentuating our natural beauty is now trendy. At least it sounds achievable.

The modern ideal of feminine beauty is quickly going out of fashion, and about time too. The Barbie figure, arched eyebrows, high cheekbones – they’re out. We are now welcoming in the age of smaller, perkier breasts (breast reductions are on the rise), thicker eyebrows (hail the low brow), and a curvier OR more androgynous figure (being plain old skinny is out).

New data reveal that while more and more of us are getting cosmetic surgery, natural-looking results are important to us.

What cosmetic treatments enhance natural beauty?

First, let’s be clear about what ‘the natural look’ even is. By all accounts, it means looking like yourself, just a bit better.

How we achieve this ‘better’ will be different for everyone. Here are some of the ways we at ENRICH Clinic can help your natural beauty shine (without technically changing a thing).

Anti-wrinkle injections: the natural look with injectables

The days of a forehead that doesn’t move when you are surprised, angry or happy are gone when it comes to anti-wrinkle injections. Of course, if that’s your thing, you can still go there, but the new methods of administering anti-wrinkle injections obey the less is more mantra. Cosmetic doctors are now often opting for micro-dosing a muscle or applying smaller amounts of the muscle relaxant to the edges of muscles, instead of the whole muscle.

These tactics mean the muscle is less disabled and can move naturally with your expressions while helping save your skin from worsening or developing wrinkles. It also means your muscle doesn’t completely lose its form; volume helps you stay looking younger for longer.

An innovation in muscle relaxant anti-wrinkle injections is being introduced in 2019 and is set to use much less product and last even longer. These developments mean less frequent treatments.

Lip and cheek dermal filler: the natural look with injectables

Woman portrait. Style. Beautiful blue eyed girl with freckles is looking at camera and smiling, on a white background

Dermal fillers can work all kinds of magic on a face while being completely invisible. Plumping up a thin upper lip or filling in a tear trough to get rid of bags under your eyes needn’t be a big deal. Nobody will ever know when you opt for the clinically-achieved ‘natural look’. The natural look fits your face, so everything we add seems like it belongs there. When it comes to lips, for example, nobody wants them XXL anymore. That ship has sailed.

Dermal fillers can be used discreetly all over the face, from giving sallow cheeks fullness, to smoothing out a bumpy nose, to filling in wrinkles.

Non-surgical nose job: the natural look with injectables

A non-surgical rhinoplasty deserves a special mention. Dermal filler applied to the nose can straighten out lumps and bumps, correct curvature, and even make a significant nose seem smaller.

Dermal filler applied to the nose tends to last a long time, more like 18 months, making this type of treatment a long-lasting investment.

Laser resurfacing

Feeling like you need to apply foundation over blotchy, red skin before you leave the house isn’t a great start to embracing your natural beauty.

Making sure your skin is fantastic is one of the easiest ways to look and feel more naturally beautiful. One of the ways we do this is via resurfacing treatments.

Removing the full top layer of skin means the new, fresher skin underneath is revealed. The skin is all yours, so no fakery here.

Having a skin resurfacing treatment – from very light microdermabrasion to an intense CO2 peel – may give you the smooth, clear complexion you’ve been craving.

Collagen-boosting treatments

young girl without make up, and pursed lips, kissing her finger

If you’re starting to see the effects of age on your skin, regular collagen-boosting facial treatments can gently improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time. You don’t have to add anything that nature didn’t give you here. Your body, with the right stimulation, completes the process all by itself.

Liposuction, fat freezing and fat-dissolving injections

Believe it or not, nobody would ever know if you had fat removed from your body due to the way we perform fat removal treatments. When most people get fat removed, the effects on body shape are subtle, so people will notice that you look better, but nobody except you will know why.

All fat removal treatments take some time to reveal themselves. The revelation time may be due to swelling receding (liposuction), or because the fat is slowly being absorbed (fat freezing, fat dissolving injections). Fat removal is not usually an instant-results sort of treatment.

Don’t underestimate the power of a solid beauty routine with high-quality products

You don’t need to get any downtime cosmetic treatments done to have beautiful skin. Using high-quality skincare products or regular, no downtime laser treatments or gentle skin peels that suit your skin type can make a huge difference. Having a consultation with a dermatologist to determine which skincare products & treatments would best suit you might not be high on your to-do list or in your budget. However, remember that nobody knows skin like a dermatologist.

They’ll be able to tell you what you can do to capitalise on the skin you have and give advice on any issues you may be facing.

Eat well, sleep well, and relax

What will never go out of fashion is healthy, glowing skin, but this starts at home with your everyday routines, diet and lifestyle habits. The key to healthy skin is, at its core, directly related to what you put into your body. If you are not providing your body with everything it needs to be strong and healthy, things can start to fall apart.

Your skin is often one of the first things to start looking bad when you’re not taking proper care of yourself.

Looking naturally beautiful starts with self-care, so don’t skimp on good food, a good night’s sleep, and making a real effort to relax. Having a sound starting palette means any treatments you do decide to undergo aren’t doing the heavy lifting; you’ve already done that at home.

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