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Our Anti-Stretch Mark Program

Our Anti-Stretch Mark Program
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Stretch marks are long-lasting marks on your skin and with you for life, but they don’t need to be obvious. We can, in many cases, make stretch marks all but disappear, leaving you with smooth, clear skin. Men and women alike benefit greatly from our stretch-mark treatments.

Each treatment is chosen with your body in mind, since not all stretch-mark treatments will be suitable for every person. We tailor your treatment for best results.

Download: Anti-Stretch Mark Program – Treatment Information Sheet

How we treat stretch marks with our unique Anti-Stretch Mark Program

#1 Fresh, pink stretch marks

We use either a laser, or a combination of laser and radiofrequency devices. The laser works to constrict blood vessels in the area of the stretch marks, which reduces the colour from pink to pale pink or skin-coloured.

The radiofrequency treatments can be delivered in one of two ways – micro-needling or targeted heat. The micro-needling gets deep into the scar (which is what a stretch mark is), triggering the formation of new collagen and elastin. Radiofrequency delivered from outside the skin forces it to regenerate, with new collagen fibres produced.

Fresh, pink stretch marks require multiple treatments, up to six, with frequency ranging from between two and four weeks. This will depend on your stretch marks. The only impact is some redness for a few hours, and in the case of the Duet radiofrequency treatments, some gridding remains on the skin for up to a week.

#2 Aged (white) stretch marks

Older stretch marks require a bit more work to fade, but we use the same lasers and radiofrequency devices as for pink stretch marks, but we use them in a slightly different way. The lasers are not targeted at the surface of the skin this time, but just underneath, to stimulate collagen and elastin production. We use the Fraxel 1550 for older stretch marks.

The radiofrequency devices are the same – the Secret RF and Duet – in the same ways as for fresh, pink stretch marks.

Your stretch marks are unique to you, so visit us for a personalised treatment strategy.

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