How lasers can improve the look of scars

How lasers can improve the look of scars
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Each of our scars has a character and a story. If we’re unhappy with the restrictions they impose upon us, our scars deserve an individualised treatment strategy to lighten, remodel, soften, shrink or fade. 

While there is no such thing as complete ‘scar removal’ (we cannot remove scar tissue), modifications can be made to scars, making them easier to live with. 

Lasers can make considerable improvements to the appearance of scars. We can: 

  • Reduce redness
  • Remodel scar tissue to reduce bulk
  • Smooth or flatten scar tissue
  • Reduce the visual impact of scars
  • Implement preventatives for planned surgical scars
  • Reduce itching and pain
  • Improve range of motion of tight scars

What are the most common scar treatments?

Laser skin treatments are the most common way to treat scars, with laser skin resurfacing very popular. Laser skin resurfacing is a method of ‘levelling out’ skin or evening scar tissue to match the surrounding skin. 

Raised scars can create shadows, so smoothing the height of a scar using laser skin resurfacing can reduce its overall visual impact. Lack of a shadow means skin tone is more consistent and less likely to draw the eye. 

We might also use microdermabrasion, radiofrequency, dermal filler injections and micro-needling to augment the shape, size, colour or texture of a scar. 

What to expect from scar treatment

laser scar treatment melbourne

Remember, every scar is unique, and thus what you can expect in terms of results will differ widely. We can’t ‘get rid of scars’ in the way you might get rid of a pimple; a scar is a permanent scaffolding to join two areas of skin that were forcibly separated. This scaffolding is thicker, tougher collagen, and it is not the same as normal skin; it’s a patch, not a like-for-like replacement. 

Your scars may require more than just laser treatments. Our clinic has some of the best technology available anywhere, and we utilise these devices to support your end goal, mixing and matching technology and other treatments. 

Scars may require several treatments to create lasting and impactful change. Remodelling collagen, for example, may happen over several months rather than in one go. If you don’t see instant results, don’t worry – all will be revealed, but it can take some time. 

The recovery period for lasers tends to be short and easy, but that depends on the extent of your treatment. Talk to your dermatologist at ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne about your expectations so we can discuss what you can realistically get out of your scar treatments. 

How much does scar treatment cost?

Scar treatment cost depends on the plan, including the frequency and type of treatments and who performs the treatments. In some cases, Medicare may cover the cost of your procedures, particularly if your scars restrict movement. Call the clinic to book a consultation, and we’ll provide you with an accurate quote and a detailed treatment plan. 

Do scar treatments hurt?

Scar treatments at our Melbourne clinic are non-invasive, and we make sure you’re comfortable during your treatment. We use whatever is necessary in terms of anaesthetic cream or local anaesthetic to make sure you don’t feel much at all. Some inflammation after treatments is normal but very tolerable. 

Can we treat old scars?

We can treat scars of any age though younger scars tend to respond more readily to treatment; it doesn’t matter how old your scars are. We can treat scars of any age.

How long does scar treatment take to work?

We individualise our treatments to the scar and the person, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to softening, fading or shrinking a scar. Each scar will respond differently to treatment, but how long that will take will depend on the specifics of the treatments used and the nature of the scar. 

How soon can a scar be treated?

We can treat surgical scars as soon as the stitches are out, which is the best time to start work on scarring. The sooner we get to it, the better the outcomes. 

If you have a surgery planned, plan in your scar treatments for as soon as your surgeon estimates your stitches can come out. 

Can stretch marks be faded?

Stretch marks aren’t the same as a scar, but they’re close. Stretch marks are also made of collagen and are used to fill in gaps in the skin caused by stretching of skin before it had time to adapt. Stretch marks occur during periods of growth, significant weight gain, pregnancy and when building muscle quickly. 

We treat stretch marks the same as other scars and as with other scarring; the sooner, the better. So, while we can’t do stretch mark ‘removal’ as such, we can perform laser stretch mark treatments. We can treat very old stretch marks and soften, fade and recontour your body’s protestations from time.

Can hypertrophic scars be treated?

Hypertrophic scarring is thickened, raised scar tissue that developed abnormally as part of the wound healing process, with extra connective tissue sent to the area. 

Hypertrophic scars can make what would typically be a small blemish on the skin from a minor injury or surgery become raised, red and puffy scar tissue. We can treat hypertrophic scars, reducing redness and excess scar tissue to reduce prominence. 

Get help with your scars.

Make an appointment to talk over your scars – we are expert cosmetic dermatologists with innovative treatment strategies and state-of-the-art equipment. We can help you get the most out of your skin. 


Please Note:

*With all surgeries or procedures, there are risks. Consult your physician (GP) before undertaking any surgical or cosmetic procedure. Please read the consent forms carefully and be informed about every aspect of your treatment. Surgeries such as liposuction have a mandatory seven-day cooling-off period to give patients adequate time to be sure of their surgery choice. Results may also vary from person to person due to many factors, including the individual’s genetics, diet and exercise. Before and after photos are only relevant to the patient in the photo and do not necessarily reflect the results other patients may experience. Ask questions. Our team of dermatologists, doctors and nurses are here to help you with any of your queries. This page is not advice and is intended to be informational only. We endeavour to keep all our information up to date; however, this site is intended as a guide and not a definitive information portal or in any way constitutes medical advice.

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