Stretchmarks on men – effective treatments

Stretch marks in men can appear if you try to lose weight or gain a lot of muscle in a short space of time. Stretch marks occur when the skin doesn’t have time to accommodate its new contents, be that fat or muscle, and the skin tears.

Stretch marks are like a scar, so avoiding them is paramount, because once they’re there, they are much harder to get rid of. Knowing where your skin’s limits are can be difficult, so get good advice about your skin type. Not all skin types will suffer stretch marks as easily as others.

Removing stretch marks

Prevention of further stretch marks

  • Gain muscle more slowly
  • Keep your weight in check – don’t gain fat quickly either
  • You can generally afford up to a kilo weight change per week, but get advice for your size
  • Use a good moisturiser containing vitamin A and certain moisturising molecules

We can help remove your stretch marks

The sooner you seek treatment after the stretch marks appear, the better your results – a fresh stretch mark, like any fresh scar, is far more malleable than an old, entrenched scar.

If you’ve had stretch marks for a long time, don’t despair – we have plenty of skin treatments using the latest scar-remodelling technology to get your skin looking smoother, more even, and fade stretchmarks.

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