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Pros and cons of laser hair removal

Pros and cons of laser hair removal
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Laser hair removal is not for everyone, and there are some very good reasons for that. You should be fully informed before you get started on your hair removal adventure at our Melbourne clinic.

There are a few options for hair removal, some temporary and some longer-lasting. You’ve probably graduated from shaving to the various hair removal creams to waxing, and now you want  longer-lasting solution to your hairiness. Laser hair removal fits the bill, but what are you getting yourself in for?

How laser hair removal works
The laser beam damages the hair follicle by targeting the melanin in the hair (pigment), which then throws heat to nearby tissue in the follicle, severely upending the follicle’s ability to produce a hair. While laser hair removal is an effective and long-lasting solution, because you have so many follicles that can produce hairs, it’s hard to get them all over the 6-10 sessions you’ll need, but we will surely try.

The benefits of laser hair removal at our Melbourne clinic

  • Laser hair removal significantly reduces hair growth, to the point that you can stop using other forms of hair removal (unless you get a stray, or over time light fluff can appear).
  • Laser hair removal can be done anywhere on the body, including entire legs, back, and belly, but also delicate areas like the face. The surface area can be quite large, and new machines do this amount of skin quickly.
  • Laser hair removal doesn’t hurt, which is a bonus. If your laser hair removal hurts, your beautician or practitioner is using an old machine, and you should move on to another practitioner who has a more modern machine, like the state-of-the-art lasers at ENRICH. New laser hair removal machines should not hurt, but older versions have been known to.

The cons of laser hair removal

  • Laser hair removal takes some time and multiple appointments, so as to get all the hair follicles in their perfect stage of growth. You may need from 6-10 sessions, about six weeks apart, and then top-up treatments later if necessary. Each hair removal session may be quite short – an underarm, for example, takes less than a minute to do – but having to make repeated appointments and make your way to the clinic can be a drag. Make it worth it by saving up and getting a lot done at a time, and taking advantage of any bulk appointment discounts.
  • Laser hair removal comes with a price tag, especially for larger areas, though over time it works out far cheaper than any other hair removal method because ideally, you only have to do this once. Hair removal via laser is now becoming cheaper and cheaper because lasers are becoming more and more commonly available to more practitioners.
  • Inexperienced laser hair removal practitioners can cause damage and burns, so make sure you choose an experienced, qualified practitioner. At ENRICH, your laser hair removal treatments are always done by someone who has done it a thousand times before, and understands the treatments and your skin intimately.
  • Inexperienced practitioners with the wrong lasers can’t do dark skin tones. Not everyone’s hair is dark enough or their skin light enough to effectively have their hair removed using some lasers, making this treatment most effective in those with darker hair and lighter skin, but the contrast is what’s important here.People with darker skin tones (more pigment) require a more careful approach by your practitioner, and this means having an experienced practitioner and the right laser is key. Some lasers can differentiate between hair and skin, while others are not so great. ENRICH has lasers that work on darker skin tones, and experienced practitioners who know what they’re doing.

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