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Slimspec effective cellulite removal – you asked, we answered

Slimspec effective cellulite removal – you asked, we answered
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Q1. How does the Slimspec remove cellulite?
The Slimspec uses special acoustic waves to stimulate tissue, causing an increase in metabolic activity in the area. Blood flow increases, fluid drains away, and the skin becomes firmer and tighter due to an increase in collagen production. This combined effect reduces the visible appearance of cellulite.

Q2. Can I prevent cellulite altogether to avoid having treatments?
You can’t prevent cellulite, but having a healthy lifestyle and staying hydrated can really help existing cellulite. This applies between treatments too, for a longer-lasting effect. Keeping the higher metabolic activity in the area will keep cellulite at bay for longer.

Q3. What exactly are acoustic radial waves?
Radial waves are unfocused, low-pressure acoustic waves that are created by an electromagnetic ballistic mechanism – a complicated name for a special device that delivers the waves in a specific way, to exert maximum effect.

‘Ballistic’ means high force – high firing rates, high force production, and very brief contraction times. The technology is also used in physical therapy, pain management, and sports medicine, and in the fields of urology, cardiology, and orthopaedics for the very same reason as we use it for cellulite – increased metabolic activity and healing in a certain area.

Q4. I’m pregnant or breastfeeding – can I use the Slimspec?
Please speak to your healthcare provider about this.

Q5. I have a pacemaker. Can I use the Slimspec?
Yes, but it’s important for your practitioner to be aware of the theoretical interference of the two, and avoid any direct hits on a pacemaker from the Slimspec waves. Your practitioner will be well aware of the safety precautions prior to treatments.

Q6. How does the Slimspec tighten skin?
The Slimspec tightens skin by helping to remove fluids via the lymphatic system, which results in firmer, tighter skin, along with the stimulation of fibroblasts, cells that produce collagen. It’s like a deep-tissue massage, but better.

Q7. Is the Slimsafe treatment safe?
Yes, the treatment is considered extremely safe with no reported side-effects. No harm is being done to any tissue, since the waves hit the skin, then only penetrate a short way. The waves are too short to get into any internal organs, so are focused on the outer layers of skin and fat.
cellulite diagram

Q8. How many treatments do I need to make a difference to my cellulite?
The recommended number of treatments will depend on your needs, so we have several different cellulite programs available that incorporate the Slimspec. Several treatments are required for best results.

We can improve your cellulite.
Use our CelluFix program.
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