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Where to go for laser hair removal in Melbourne?

Where to go for laser hair removal in Melbourne?
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There are many reputable laser hair removal clinics in Melbourne, but there are also many amateurs with lasers. The real question is, ‘where not to go for laser hair removal in Melbourne?’.

What you should know about laser hair removal practitioners and their equipment

Laser hair removal is a very specific cosmetic treatment that requires a specific type of laser. The way laser hair removal works is that the laser beam is attracted only to the darker hair shaft within the skin, so the heat from the laser beam doesn’t affect surrounding tissue – it just travels down the darker hair shaft, affecting just the hair follicle itself. This means the hair follicle is damaged and is unable to keep producing hair (what you want), but surrounding skin remains untouched.

Which machine your laser hair removal specialist has and how much experience they have in using this machine really does matter when it comes to being hair-free comfortably. Powerful lasers in untrained or minimally trained hands can be very dangerous, not to mention painful and scarring. Choose your laser hair removal practitioner carefully. At ENRICH, we only have the most experienced laser practitioners working on your body, so you can rest assured that not only do we have the best equipment, but the best practitioners too.

What area are you having hair removed from? It matters.

If you are having hair removed from your legs, arms, back or belly, and do not have scars, moles, birthmarks, freckles or other pigmentation on your skin, you may be able to get away with a less experienced practitioner. When it comes to your delicate areas, or skin that isn’t smooth and blemish-free, however, you will need an expert.

This is because the laser is set to be attracted to dark areas – the hair shaft – which could also include red, brown, black or other darker-than-your-skin areas. These darker areas could include a small freckle, a mole, the darker shade of the labia or scrotum, the anus, or a nipple’s areola.

The way lasers produce energy means those darker areas are going to be sizzled if they are run over with the laser beam, which means ‘burnt’. This will be extremely painful and could leave a scar. A burn from a laser is very unpleasant, especially when the burn occurs on a very delicate area.

Getting intimate areas lasered? Choose the best practitioners at our Melbourne clinic

Having your intimate areas lasered means putting a lot of trust in your practitioner. Do you want someone who has only performed laser hair removal a few times? Or do you want the practitioner who has been doing laser hair removal since laser hair removal was invented?

We have only the best, most experienced laser hair removal practitioners in our Melbourne clinic. Our laser hair removal specialists pride themselves on being knowledgeable when it comes to keeping your darker delicate areas safe, and maximising your laser hair removal treatments. Your skin will stay safe at our expert laser hair removal clinic.

Got a complex case? Bring it to us!

We specialise in laser hair removal and offer anyone with complex hair removal needs our expert care and attention. We understand skin and hair and lasers, and we’re not afraid to take on complicated skincare and hair removal tasks.

There is no laser hair removal job too big or too small for our professional laser hair removal specialists.

We are experts in laser hair removal.
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