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Liposuction Melbourne – what is tumescent liposuction?

7 January, 2019

Dr Michael Rich of ENRICH Clinic Armadale has been at the forefront of the tumescent liposuction technique in Australia for over twenty-five years. Considered the gold-standard in liposuction techniques, read on to find out why we favour this method over all else. Contact ENRICH Clinic to secure a liposuction consult with Dr Michael Rich. Tumescent […]


Acne treatment Melbourne – ENRICH Clinic

4 January, 2019

We are a specialised cosmetic and dermatology clinic experienced in the treatment of acne. Led by Dr Michael Rich, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide integrated therapeutic options to the individual, making use of our extensive range of state-of-the-art technologies and treatments. Contact us to secure a consultation today. What is acne?   […]


Dermatology treatments – Dermatology Melbourne at ENRICH Clinic

4 January, 2019

ENRICH Clinic is a leading dermatology and cosmetic practice based in Melbourne. Led by Dr Michael Rich, our dedicated team of experienced dermatologists, doctors and nurses are skilled in the latest treatments and technologies. Dermatologists treat conditions of the skin, incorporating the wide range of advanced lasers and treatments available in clinic at ENRICH. This […]


Turn back time – Anti-wrinkle injection Melbourne

2 January, 2019

Anti-wrinkle treatments are used to create a smoother and younger- looking appearance by reducing fine lines and muscle movement. Our team of skilled doctors and dermatologists pride themselves on achieving natural results that enhance each person’s individual appearance. Wrinkle free program – anti-wrinkle injection Melbourne ENRICH Clinic’s Wrinkle-Free Program works to improve the appearance and texture […]