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Body areas most popular for liposuction

Body areas most popular for liposuction
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body areas to lipoIn theory, wherever there is fat that can be pinched, you can do liposuction. In practice, however, there are some key places that human beings collect fat, and they have become the most commonly liposuctioned areas.

If you want liposuction in an uncommon area, you’ll need an experienced, knowledgeable surgeon.

Waist – ‘love handles’

Men and women alike get fat pockets at the waist – love handles. These can be difficult to shift with exercise and healthy eating, so are a common site for liposuction. Treatments on the waist area can make a big difference to your appearance with a relatively small treatment area.


The hip area is just under the waist, around to the upper, outer buttock. This generally graduates into the waist area, so these two areas can be very much related and treated together. This part of the body is one of our most important aesthetically, so must be treated with a great deal of care when recontouring.


The flank is on the lower back just above the underwear line. This is the ‘back’ of the waist, again often treated with the hips and waist. This area helps create an hourglass figure in women.

Upper arms

Removing fat from the upper arms results in a more youthful-looking arm, and can help anyone suffering from discomfort in tight-sleeved clothing. An arm lift to remove sagging or baggy skin may also be helpful for some, though this comes with some scarring, unlike liposuction which is virtually scar-free and if skin is elastic, it retracts naturally.

Lower abdomen ‘muffin top’ and upper abdomen

The lower abdomen is a common site for fat to accumulate, with liposuction creating a more toned, firm stomach. If you have a lot of baggy or sagging skin on the stomach area, a tummy tuck may be more appropriate. If the lower abdomen is treated, then usually the upper is too to create a smooth contour between the lower abdomen and ribs.


Buttock liposuction helps create shape and contours. Sometimes, however, just a small amount of fat taken from the buttocks creates a lovely shape. This is because the buttocks are one of our main aesthetic points; it creates shape and balance.

Inner, outer (‘saddlebags’) and back of thighs

The inner thigh area is a commonly-treated area, creating a curvy gap at the top of the thighs, slimming down the lower body.

The outer thigh is known as the ‘saddlebag’ area, and is one of women’s favourite areas to get treated with liposuction. This area is also connected to the buttocks and is critical for giving a woman a curvy, beautiful shape, no matter what her size.

The backs of the thighs is also a great place to trim down to enhance the contours of the buttocks and thighs.

Legs – calves and ankles (‘cankles’)

The lower leg is not quite as simple as the upper leg to do liposuction on, however very satisfying results can be obtained by creating shape out of a calf that has little or none. We humans love balanced curves.

Men’s chests, male breasts, ‘man boobs’

Men lose muscle in the chest as they age, gaining fat. Liposuction on men’s chests gives such great results, it’s fast becoming a new trend. Men’s muscle definition goes through the roof with liposuction, since men typically have more muscle and it’s easier to see. You can even go from a pot belly to a six-pack!

Male breast development comes in two forms: just a bit fat, and gynaecomastia, which is where glandular breast tissue develops in the male breast as a result of hormone problems. This means there are two ways to approach male breasts. Gynaecomastia may require the surgical excision of the glandular tissue, since this tissue cannot be removed with male breast-fat liposuction, only fat. It will depend on what tissue the breast contains as to what treatment is appropriate.

Female breast reduction and slight lift

Women can have up to half their breast fat removed in one treatment using breast-reduction liposuction, which is a far better alternative to traditional breast-reduction surgery for most women, with far superior results and less risks to both the patient and her breast tissue.

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