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Whether we like it or not, age advances, and although we cannot stop it, with a better understanding of its process, we can intervene and slow down the visible signs. Dermal fillers are a great way to slow the appearance of ageing on the face.

Most of us recognise the visible effects of ageing via the following:

  • Wrinkles and lines
  • Deep skin folds and hollows
  • Sagging skin
  • Drooping with downward smile when at rest
  • Eye bags, puffy lower cheeks
  • Thinning
  • Shortening of chin
  • Brown blotches and redness

As we age, we undergo many changes including:

  • Loss of bone
  • Loss of fat, which causes deep skin folds and hollows
  • Movement of fat leads to baggy skin around the eyes, prominent jowls and puffy lower cheeks
  • The muscles that pull the face up weaken, and those that pull down dominate, resulting in a downturned and droopy look
  • The skin’s supportive network breaks down with loss of collagen and elastin
  • Blood vessels and pigmentation become more prominent

As a strategy for preserving and nurturing skin, it is necessary to deal with the key factors involved in the ageing process, not just stop certain movements from occurring. This is where filler comes into play.

At ENRICH, we use lip enhancement fillers and muscle-relaxant injections to replace volume from bone and fat, halt wrinkles in their tracks, and strengthen and improve the skin. A combined approach of several procedures is often the most appropriate way forward for improving the appearance of the face. You can contact us at our Melbourne clinic to book a consultation to discuss how we can address your individual concerns.

More information on dermal filler treatments at our Melbourne clinic

Where are dermal fillers used?

The most common areas for dermal filler injections are the lips, chin, cheeks, jowls, next to the mouth (above and sides), nasolabial folds (the folds that appear next to the mouth, also known as laugh lines), and the lines that appear when you frown, particularly on the forehead between the eyebrows.

Dermal filler can also be used for other purposes, but cosmetically, those areas of the face are the most common.

What do anti-wrinkle injections actually do?

Fillers come in a handful of shapes and sizes, with each doing a specific task. Typically a dermal filler, as the name suggests, fills an area of the dermal layers – skin – to add volume to an area of the face.

Why would I get dermal filler?

Dermal injections can be useful in certain circumstances, for example to improve the contours of the face, to add volume when age has taken its toll on facial structures, or in lips to gently add size to thin lips.


Plumping out the face creates a more youthful appearance, since plumpness, fullness and volume are the domain of the young and supple. Procedures can soften wrinkles or fine lines, and take the depth out of creases.

Treatments are now being used over surgical procedures, since they are so effective in so many different ways. Advances in technology have really superseded many surgical procedures, with a great example being the facelift.

One of the beautiful things about filler injections is that they don’t last for a long time, so as your face changes as you age – and styles and fashions change – you can update your appearance accordingly. You are not stuck with any one look for any length of time, and can continually keep your face, neck, and décolletage looking lovely.


How long does filler last for?

How long your dermal filler treatment lasts for will depend entirely on what substance was used, plus how many injections have been applied. It also makes a difference where the dermal filler injection was applied, since high action areas like the mouth will reabsorb the substance much quicker than, say, the forehead.

Temporary gel dermal fillers

Dermal fillers tend to reabsorb much more quickly than other types of injections, typically within six months, because they are synthetic forms of naturally-occuring substance.

Temporary gel fillers

Temporary gel injections don’t last that long, but they last much longer than some other dermal fillers, lasting about a year.

Synthetic fillers (longer-lasting)

These treatments don’t behave like temporary naturally-derived substances, because they are not readily absorbed back into the body, but take some time – usually between one and five years, depending on the substance.

Fat transfers

Fat transfers can last for many years, however the fat tissue does dissipate back into the body eventually. The outcome is becoming more predictable as a fat transfer becomes a safe, popular route to go down, particularly for women after mastectomies and other reconstructive surgery.

How long does it take to recover?

You don’t need to take any time off work to get a treatment, and you can immediately resume normal activities. There may be some after-effects, like swelling for up to 48 hours, which could last for up to five days. This swelling is minimal. If there seems to be anything unusual, please call our clinic for advice.

Common treatment areas

  • Acne scars, especially pitting
  • The cheeks, to add volume or contours
  • Crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Smile lines (nasolabial folds or furrows)
  • Forehead frown lines (between the brows)
  • Mouth-corner lines
  • Lip borders
  • Scarring (burns, wounds, surgery)
  • Vertical lines around the lips, particularly from smoking
  • Facial scarring
  • Horizontal lines across the forehead

Using dermal filler as a preventative

Dermal filler can be used before things get to the stage, where previously, we may have considered more invasive cosmetic procedures. Times have changed, and filler can now act as an anti-ageing treatment on younger, still-supple-but-ageing faces as a preventative to wrinkles.

At ENRICH Clinic, treatments are only given if they are warranted. Rejuvenating the face through your lifetime is a plan is a solid face-care plan.


Cheek fillers

We can plump up and volumise cheeks, which can start to look sallow and hollow as we lose bone, fat and moisture. Cheek filler is a really popular procedure with excellent results. Cheek require repeats every so often, since it is not a long-lasting procedure.

Choosing the right filler for the job – your cosmetic dermatologist’s job

Your doctor will decide what substance is right for the job, taking into consideration your bone structure, face shape, skin type, goals and budget.

We have state-of-the-art equipment, advanced techniques, and very experienced, highly-trained practitioners performing dermal filler injections. You are in good hands.

What is filler?

Our dermal fillers are a naturally-derived substance found in animal and human tissue, and it can be dissolved if any issues arise . In mammals, this substance works as a transportation mechanism, taking nutrients from the blood to the skin. Skin and joints contain high levels of this substance.

The substance found in dermal filler is not derived from any animal, but is synthetic, being what’s known as ‘nature-identical’, meaning it is more or less exactly the same as what your body would make, and behaves in the same way. Synthetic fillers also carry a lesser chance of allergic reactions.

Lip dermal filler

Filler injected into the lips tends to be absorbed much quicker than other areas due to the action of our mouths when we talk and eat.

The injection treatment

The treatment itself takes up to an hour, depending on what is required. The area will be cleaned, anaesthetic will be applied, and the treatment areas will be marked out. Dermal filler is applied with a very small needle, so there is not much discomfort or pain, as the insertion point is so tiny. Once the treatment is complete, the marks will be wiped off and ice applied.

We have our very own Skin Glow program using new technology to inject tiny amounts of a special blend of rejuvenating dermal filler all over a specific area of the face (or the whole face) where it rejuvenates cells, leaving you radiant. This is the work of filler, hydrating and stimulating collagen, effectively rejuvenating your skin cells from the dermis up.

We can also do more than just your face – this specialised procedure can be done all over your body – the back of your hands, chest, feet, arms, back. Dermal fillers are just one prong in a multifaceted approach to curb the visible signs of ageing, and it doesn’t just apply to adding volume – it stimulates fibroblasts and boosts your skin’s performance.

Our Skin-Glow program

Contact us for a personal consultation to discuss your treatment needs with one of our highly-trained, experienced cosmetic doctors.

*Results may vary from person to person


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