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Ageing is inevitable.  As we age, our skin loses collagen, fat and hydration.  This starts as early as our mid-20s. On top of that, most of us go through prolonged hours of work and stress.  All these factors can result in dry, saggy, rough and wrinkled skin. These do not seem to go away unless we do something about them.

ENRICH Skin Glow Program

The ENRICH Skin Glow Program is a series of microinjections of dermal filler is placed strategically into the skin where needed. The fillers we use at ENRICH Clinic gently improve your skin from the inside out. They are made of a substance that occurs naturally in the body that “plumps” the skin. Unfortunately, as we age, this substance depletes. However, dermal filler injections can compensate for the natural loss of this substance, as well as stimulate the auto-production of collagen to help the skin maintain a natural smooth appearance.

The treatment uses cross-linked filler which is designed to restore hydration in the skin, resulting in long-lasting improvement in skin quality. Dermal fillers can smooth your skin, and at the same time retain a considerable amount of moisture just below your skin surface where it is most needed. Pores and scars become more refined, and skin tone improves significantly.

How does it work ?

Skin Glow Program uses an advanced micro-injection machine called Vital Injector 2, (sometimes called the Glow Gun) with the 5-multi needle system placed just below your skin surface, where it can act best by absorbing water for hydration and improving collagen formation. We call this injector the glow gun or injector as it evenly distributes a small amount of filler under the skin of the treated area.

These fillers stimulate collagen production by stretching the collagen-producing cells

Known as fibroblasts. They not only make your skin look better immediately, but they can also create thicker / plumper skin due to increased collagen production and occurs over time.

The whole procedure takes about 1 hour.

Is it painful?

Pain or discomfort is minimal, although it is patient dependent.  Prior to the treatment, patients will be advised to take with pain control medication (Panadeine 1.5 hours before the treatment) to minimize this discomfort. Ice is also used.

Are there any common after effects ?

Dermal fillers are gentle to the skin once injected. The procedure is done with multiple micro-injections on the face. In the worst-case scenario, mild bruising or swelling can be seen after the treatment but usually disappear quickly. If required, a laser can be used to hasten the breakdown of the bruise. It is recommended that this treatment not be performed within 4 weeks of a major social event.

Who is this treatment for?

Everyone! Both men and women can benefit substantially from this treatment. If you want to defy the ageing process, this is the perfect treatment for you. It is excellent as a preventive measure to maintain moisture and smoothness of your skin before the ageing process kicks in.

It is recommended you stop aspirin, fish oil or any blood-thinning medications as these make you bruise more.

Which areas can be treated?

The most popular area for treatment is the face, especially the top lip, chin & cheeks where fine lines and dark circles are apparent. Other areas include:

  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Back of the hands

How long does can the treatment last ?

Results typically last for 6 months to 1 year. An initial course of 2- 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart is recommended for most satisfactory results. After that, you can have it done every 6 monthly to maintain the youthful look.

What other treatments work well with the Skin Glow program ?

Our Skin Glow program is not only a skin rejuvenation booster on its own. It is also ideal for maximizing and sustaining the results of other anti-ageing treatment such as laser skin rejuvenation, lines and wrinkles injection treatment and targeted dermal fillers. Combining them, you will have a long-lasting smooth and youthful face.


It is by far one of the most effective anti-aging treatments which does take up much of your time. The procedure is quick, effective with minimal downtime, and the result is long-lasting. Combined with other treatment such as laser and fillers, will give you not only better skin but more confidence about ageing.

What are the benefits of the Skin Glow Program ?

  1. Smoother skin
  2. Complexion enhancement
  3. Keeps your skin well hydrated
  4. Refines pores and scars
  5. Gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles
  6. Improves skin tone
  7. Skin brightening


Package it!

It is recommended that the Glow injector is combined with other treatments and repeated when necessary to give the best results.

We have packages for mature skin and younger skin, whatever you need.

Our basic package one session with the Glow gun/ injector starts at $700 and includes a diode and excel laser for bruising the next day if required.

Ask at your consult what package may be right for you.


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