Lip Filler Melbourne
Lip Filler Melbourne

Lip Filler Melbourne

Lip injections can restore a plump, youthful cupid’s bow in the lips, add volume, tumescence, and if it’s what you’re after. 

It’s not just the lips that can be treated,  the whole mouth area can also be treated with dermal filler too,  as the skin nearby is prone to wrinkling and crinkling with talking, eating, drinking and smoking.

Lip augmentation is a procedure that is short-lived in cosmetic terms – between six and nine months – so if you change your mind or want something different next time, you have options. Lip augmentation at our Melbourne clinic is typically temporary, your body eventually reabsorbs the product. 


Lip injections are performed with a dermal filler product that is derived from a substance found naturally in your body, though the type we use is synthetic to avoid allergic reactions. 

This substance is particularly suitable for lip enhancement because it offers such a natural look – adding volume, hydration, and shape are its best features.

We inject the lip filler into strategic points on the lips and surrounding areas. With lip filler, we can:

  • Accentuate the Cupid’s bow (the little dent in the middle of the top lip underneath your nose)
  • Increase the prominence of the vermillion border that surrounds your lips
  • Soften creases in lips, particularly vertical lines in the upper lip
  • Hydrate
  • Add volume
  • Create greater definition
  • Soften wrinkles around the lips
  • Lift the lips
  • Lift the corners of the mouth
  • Give the mouth a more youthful, smoother look


While lip filler is versatile in what it can do to a pair of lips, it does have some limitations. The shape of your lips is more or less fixed – we can’t add or subtract to the shape; we can only work with what we’ve got. Luckily, lips are pretty good-looking anyway, and even thin lips can be plumped out to a certain degree.


If your lips aren’t as full, hydrated, or defined as you would like, lip filler can be a great, temporary solution to your lip woes. You can try it out for size, and see if you like it without having to commit to a lifetime pouty lips.

We don’t overfill lips, and we will not let you walk out of our clinic looking unnatural. We pride ourselves on patient-centric treatments that suit. 

Lip filler is still a cosmetic procedure, so having a good practitioner working on your face is key to a good outcome. If you are considering lip enhancement, make an appointment at our Melbourne clinic to see what we can do for you. Enhancing your lips is a personal choice and an investment in your appearance. 

Our qualified, experienced cosmetic doctors do all our lip filler injectables. 

The goal is to give you natural-looking lips.


The shape of your lips matters, but so do the areas that support the lips. The areas around your mouth are critical in how your lips sit, so any fine lines or wrinkles that frame your lips may benefit aesthetically from dermal filler injections. We work on your mouth and face as a whole, not singling out any part to alter without considering the rest. The key is to keep the face looking natural.


The lip filler procedure is reasonably straightforward, though it is delicate and we take the utmost care. We inject dermal filler into the areas between layers of skin tissue in the lips, which acts like a cushion. Each treatment might take about half an hour, but it may take longer if other areas are being treated.

You may experience some bruising or swelling right after treatment, but this will resolve within a day or two, and in some people, it can last for up to a week.  An ice pack may be applied after lip injections to help the post-injection swelling.

It’s possible for this treatment to trigger a cold sore attack, and if that happens to you, you can prepare with antiviral medication. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about this.


Lip injections can last for six to 12 months, but because the lips and mouth are a much-used area of our bodies, the lip filler tends to wear out more quickly than other areas. It means it takes a longer time to be reabsorbed by your body.

Collagen and elastin production will be stimulated in your lips, so your lips will actually have their cellular function improved over time – remember, our dermal filler ingredient is a nutrient transporter fluid, so more of it means more nutrients for your lip tissue.


Our lip filler is made of a substance found in human tissue, that acts as a transfer network liquid, taking nutrients from the blood and delivering them to the skin. Our connective tissue has high levels of this substance.


Sometimes lips may require a little more to boost them longer-term, in which case another type of dermal filler may be required. Your doctor will discuss the different types of lip filler with you at your appointment.


Lip scarring can also benefit from lip filler injections, since the fluid is so useful for assisting collagen production. Scars are made from collagen, so stimulating new collagen can help fill in scarring and minimise its appearance. This can be important when it is a facial feature like your lips.


We can fill the body of the lip with lip filler, which provides a volume boost and forces the lip to protrude slightly (called eversion). We usually fill the top and bottom lip so there is natural balance between the upper and lower lip.

The vermillion border (the outside edge of the lip border) can make the lips stand out more, like lip liner might. The vermillion of your lips is the skin that your lips are made of, which is a special type of skin reserved for certain small areas of your body only.

Upper lip lines, usually vertical but sometimes horizontal, can be corrected with lip injections.

‘Sad face’ lines at the corners of the mouth that make the mouth turn downwards can be adjusted so they no longer cause your facial expression to sport a downturned mouth. These areas are called the oral commissures, which dip inwards with gravity over time as the cheeks become droopier.

Another area popular to treat is the ridges that join your lips and nose, which can become quite flat over time. The ridge can be enhanced so the upper lip is curvier.

The V-shape in the middle of your upper lip – the Cupid’s bow – can be made more pronounced. This can really add to the shape of the upper lip.


We like our lips the way we like every other facial feature: to suit our face. There is no such thing as perfect lips, though we would all certainly be able to point to our preferences in this department. What sort of look you want to go for with lip enhancements is completely up to you, but we can help you out with photographs and examples and give our recommendations to you.

The most important thing is that your lips fit into the shape of your face, and don’t look out of place. The general rule is, the smaller your face, the smaller your lips should be. We should look in proportion to the rest of our facial features.

The bottom lip is almost always larger than the top lip, and the top lip will stick out a tiny bit if you check it out from the side. Some issues can occur when inexperienced practitioners try to overfill a lip; you end up with ‘duck lips’ or ‘fish lips’. You will only ever get beautiful results at ENRICH, rest assured.

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Please Note:

*With all surgeries or procedures, there are risks. Consult your physician (GP) before undertaking any surgical or cosmetic procedure. Please read the consent forms carefully and be informed about every aspect of your treatment. Surgeries such as liposuction have a mandatory seven-day cooling-off period to give patients adequate time to be sure of their surgery choice. Results may also vary from person to person due to many factors, including the individual’s genetics, diet and exercise. Before and after photos are only relevant to the patient in the photo and do not necessarily reflect the results other patients may experience. Ask questions. Our team of dermatologists, doctors and nurses are here to help you with any of your queries. This page is not advice and is intended to be informational only. We endeavour to keep all our information up to date; however, this site is intended as a guide and not a definitive information portal or in any way constitutes medical advice.

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