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Inner Thigh Liposuction
Inner Thigh Liposuction
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Inner thigh liposuction in Melbourne

The inner thighs can present their own set of stubborn problems when it comes to where the fat sits. Sometimes, no matter what you do, the fat stays put, thwarting your diet and exercise efforts, which is where inner thigh  liposuction comes into its own.

Inner thigh liposuction is a long-lasting body-shaping tool that removes the excess fatty tissue and reshapes the thighs – for good. A great surgeon can recontour your entire leg beautifully, leaving you shapely and smooth.

Inner thigh liposuction is commonly performed on women, but any body type can see excellent results from inner thigh liposuction treatment. The inner thigh liposuction treatment in Melbourne is for anyone wanting to reshape their legs, and is usually performed in conjunction with inner knee liposuction  treatment for smoother results, since these two areas of the body intersect. It may also be performed with skin-tightening procedures.

Who benefits from inner thigh liposuction?

Anyone who has stubborn fat on their inner thighs that isn’t responding to healthy eating or exercise can get a lot out of inner thigh liposuction.

Specific cases might be:

  • Wanting a gap at the top between the thighs
  • Having thick or bulging thighs
  • ‘Radish’ thighs
  • Thighs that carry a lot of fat
  • Wanting more shapely legs
  • Flabby thighs

The inner-thigh liposuction procedure

Liposuction of the inner thighs is done using a special tumescent fluid  that contains anaesthetic, and helps break up the fat so it is more easily suctioned out. This fluid is also useful for limiting bleeding and bruising.

The inner thighs contain mostly jelly-like fat, and this tissue does not tend to be fibrous or thick, which makes it ideal for liposuction.

How long does it take to perform inner-thigh liposuction?

Inner thigh liposuction can be a relatively short procedure (up to a few hours including preparation), but if you are getting other areas of the body treated too, it could be longer and more involved. Your liposuction surgeon will be able to give you an accurate assessment of how long your procedure will take in your consultation (at our Melbourne clinic).

Recovery and results of inner thigh liposuction

Recovery time for inner thigh liposuction is similar to that of other areas of the body, taking many weeks for the swelling and bruising to resolve, and your new and improved thighs to appear. You might not see the full results for several months after a more extensive treatment, but this is a procedure whereby the results will eventually appear, and they will last.

The swelling must go down, which happens gradually. Liposuction is a big procedure biologically speaking, since you are getting a lot of cells removed at once. The body has a response to this removal, which is that a lot of fluid collects where the fat used to sit. This is naturally reabsorbed into your body, but it takes a little while. This is not dangerous, and is similar to what happens when you sprain your ankle, but on a bigger scale.

Some bruising will also appear. Bruising is a broken blood vessel that has burst inside your body, and has nowhere to quickly escape to, unlike the blood from a cut or abrasion on outer skin. The bruise must be reabsorbed by your body’s scavenger cells, which will cause it to slowly fade and disappear.

Compression bandages must be worn for a few week, which aids recovery via swelling reductions. You will be advised prior to your procedure what sort of downtime you’re looking at, though you can quickly resume most normal activities, including going to work. Nobody needs to know, unless your job requires your body to be on display in some way, or you are required to do strenuous labour.

Can I exercise after inner-thigh liposuction?

You should give vigorous exercise a rest for a set amount of time (as per the instructions by your surgeon), because the tissue of your inner thighs will be somewhat inflamed, and exercise could exacerbate this, causing discomfort. Some light exercise can help the swelling mobilise. Some exercise will be preferable over others, with high-impact exercise to be avoided at first.

Will I be happy with the results of inner-thigh liposuction?

The results rely heavily on having an experienced liposuction surgeon. Quality costs, so expect to pay well for your smooth, shapely results – a good surgeon is worth his or her weight in gold and the likelihood of you being unhappy are far slimmer.

Additionally, managing your expectations is important. Having a realistic idea of what you are going to see when the swelling goes down is a key element to your satisfaction with the procedure. You will have photographs taken before and after that will show you exactly what has been done.

When inner-thigh liposuction isn’t the only treatment you might require for smooth results

It is worth noting that anyone with crepey or wrinkly thigh skin can improve the shape of their thighs, but may need other skin treatments to help smooth and firm the skin. Liposuction on these crepey, wrinkly areas can make this appear worse, since liposuction removes the fat that holds the wrinkles apart. This can be overcome, but liposuction alone may not be the only solution to shapely legs.

Radiofrequency or laser treatments can painlessly and quickly tighten loose or saggy skin around the thighs, creating a much smoother appearance than liposuction alone. We have a great range of effective skin-tightening treatments that can complement inner-thigh liposuction. Ask us.

How much fat can be removed from my thighs?

Inner-thigh liposuction is a reasonably specific area of the body, and by itself won’t usually mean a great deal of fat is being removed, not without adding in other areas too. Nobody’s inner thighs are so big that this area would be isolated out for extensive treatment, without other areas (buttocks, other parts of the thigh) being treated too.

The amount of fat varies considerably between patients. Some may only want half a cup removed, while others may be good candidates for large-volume liposuction, which can take up to five litres of fat in one procedure.

The way your fat is distributed on your body will determine how much fat is removed via your liposuction procedure.

What happens if I put on weight after inner-thigh liposuction?

The way fat cells work means that once you remove the fat cell, it is gone for good and will not be replaced by another fat cell. Fat cells shrink and grow with the fat molecules they are storing – a ‘piece of fat’ is a tiny molecule that gets stored in a fat cell, sort of like a balloon full of sugar. Your body uses energy (the grains of sugar) from fat cells by taking the fat molecules out one by one, back into the blood. It doesn’t take the whole cell.

This means that your surgeon must leave enough fat in the area being treated that if you gain weight, the weight is distributed evenly across your body and the look is natural.

There have been some media reports over the years that say ‘liposuction doesn’t work!’, but they cite the fact that ‘you just get fat somewhere else on your body’ as evidence of this, which is a complete lack of understanding of the way fat storage actually works, and what removing fat cells does to your shape should you put on weight or if you take out too many fat cells from one area.

You will get fat somewhere else if you don’t have a stable weight or your surgeon removes too much fat from one area, since the fat molecules (the grains of sugar) just find another cell (balloon) to make home, which could be anywhere else on your body. This is why before you get liposuction, having a healthy diet and exercise regime is important, but just as important is having a great surgeon who will remove just enough fat to get a more beautiful shape – but not too much that you look ridiculous if you gain weight.

A good surgeon understands that gaining and losing weight is normal and not an unreasonable expectation to have of oneself, especially as we age – fat actually has a protective effect as we get older, and women tend to gain and lose weight constantly as part of a normal healthy cycle, oscillating between two sizes as a matter of course.

At ENRICH, your body will look completely natural no matter how much weight you put on – or lose – after your inner-thigh liposuction procedure.

Inner-thigh liposuction in Melbourne

We have at our clinic our very own liposuction pioneer who can get the best out of your body no matter what nature gave you. Making some enhancements to your natural shape can make a real, tangible difference to how you feel about your body, with inner-thigh liposuction being one of our most popular treatments.

Why do we think Dr Rich is one of the best liposuction surgeons in Melbourne

At ENRICH, we have Dr Michael Rich performing all liposuction procedures, with scores of happy patients to tell the tale.

Dr Rich (based in Melbourne) is at the forefront of liposuction treatments in Australia, being the go-to guy for other liposuction doctors at conferences and for training. Dr Rich has been in the liposuction business for 30 years, and is very proud of his results, which speak for themselves.

Dr Rich founded the ENRICH clinic, and still sees patients every day for all types of dermatological problems, including aesthetic concerns and liposuction treatments. He is a highly-regarded liposuction specialist, having chaired the liposuction symposium at the World Congress of Dermatology and continuing to chair the liposuction symposium for the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr Rich also speaks at national and international conferences on liposuction.

Got inner thigh fat you want to see gone?

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