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Gynaecomastia surgery recovery

Gynaecomastia surgery recovery
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After the procedure two compression garments are fitted. One is a firm vest which must be worn full-time (day and night) for two weeks and then half time (either day or night) for another two weeks.

The other is a binder that is only worn for the first week which ensures that much of the tumescent fluid is drained from the area.  Most patients find the garments comfortable and prefer to wear it, than not.  Any discomfort or pain following the procedure is similar to the stiffness and muscle aches associated with doing a hard workout at the gym. If there is any pain, it is usually controlled by Panadol or Panadeine.

All patients have a ‘24-hour back up’ by having their own nurse to call when, or if they required any information. All patients are seen the following day at the clinic.

During the first 24 to 48 hours following liposuction, the residual tumescence fluid will leak from the tiny holes until the skin closes over. It is normal for the area to be swollen and bruised for one to two weeks following surgery.

Any deeper swelling / lumpiness (which is normal) and maybe present for several weeks before subsiding. If wanted, an external ultrasound treatment is complimentary twice a week for the first two weeks to encourage circulation and help resolve bruising and swelling to the area more quickly.

The tiny holes heal quickly and any marks gradually fade, so in time there is usually little if any evidence of the procedure being performed. It is normal for the area treated by liposuction to feel slightly numb for a period of time, with full sensation slowly returning after a few weeks to months.

Things to consider
Generally, patients return to work after a few days; however this is usually dependant on the type of work the patient performs and their recovery rate. Exercise is recommenced when the patient feels comfortable doing so.

Light exercise immediately following the procedure is usually beneficial to gain quick mobility with Dr Rich usually recommending a light walk the day after the procedure.

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