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Inner knee liposuction

Inner knee liposuction
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The inner knees can collect fatty deposits that stay put despite your best efforts. Typically fat starts on the inner thigh and continues all the way down to the knees, so knee liposuction is often done in tandem with inner thigh liposuction, as it offers smoother results.

Knee liposuction is best when all other avenues – healthy eating, healthy weight, and regular exercise – have been unsuccessful at shifting the fat.

Fat: Why the legs and knees?

Women accumulate fatty tissue in different areas due to the influence of hormones on our fat storage locations, which is why this accumulation around the knees occurs. Part of this is hypothesised to be due to the effects of insulin, with many insulin receptors found in the legs. Hormone changes can affect where your body deposits fat, including after pregnancy and during menopause. This can and does change over our lifetimes.

Who benefits from knee liposuction?

  • Those with unwanted fatty deposits around the knees
  • Anyone wanting more shapely legs
  • Those with thick or flabby knees

About the procedure

Knee liposuction is a long-lasting body shaping tool that removes the problem via liposuction surgery. A great surgeon can reshape your thighs, knees and calves to your specifications, using their decades of experience to offer optimal results.

The procedure

Liposuction of the knees is done using a special tumescent fluid that contains anaesthetic, and helps break up the fat so it is more easily sucked out. This fluid is also useful for limiting bleeding and bruising.

The knees contain mostly jelly-like fat, and this tissue does not tend to be fibrous or thick. This is great for liposuction using small cannulas, tiny tubes that suck the fat out.

Recovery and results

Recovery time for knee liposuction is similar to other areas of the body. It is an invasive procedure, and the bruising and swelling takes weeks to resolve, which is normal.  The results start to appear after the swelling has gone down, so instant results are not expected.

Compression bandages will need to be worn for several weeks to help the swelling go down. You will be advised prior to your procedure what sort of downtime you will be looking at after your procedure, though you can quickly resume most normal activities, including going to work.

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