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Laser liposuction procedures in Melbourne

Laser liposuction procedures in Melbourne
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Understanding liposuction procedures and how they differ from one another is key to getting great results that are within your expectations. There is only one true way to perform liposuction, with additional tools, like laser, adding to the procedure, but not defining it.

You cannot remove fat with just a laser by itself; laser liposuction means minimally invasive liposuction is still performed, with the assistance of a laser.

There are a lot of advertisements for certain ‘types’ of liposuction, however it’s important to remember that the way we perform liposuction, in all clinics across Melbourne, is the same: the tumescent liposuction technique.

The tumescent liposuction technique is the gold standard in liposuction techniques and is almost exclusively used by liposuction practitioners across the globe. Adding tools like ultrasound or laser to the procedure doesn’t change it; it just adds to the treatment, which may be appropriate for some patients, while being unnecessary or unsafe for others.

Laser liposuction in Melbourne

Lasers used during liposuction procedures can be useful where there is loose skin to contend with. The laser can soften fat a little more before the suction process begins, with lasers applied to the underlying skin to help tighten it. The laser in this case works in two ways.

The softening of fat before it is suctioned out is an unnecessary step, since suctioning fat out is already a simple process with the tumescent technique, which also softens fat. Liquefying fat prior to this doesn’t necessarily make fat removal any easier, and it doesn’t work well on all types of fat in all areas.

The main drawcard of laser liposuction is that laser treatments on the inside of the skin can tighten it. This tightening is only useful in people with loose skin, with loose skin possibly due to pregnancy, weight loss, or age. This means without sagging skin, there may be no real need to use the laser liposuction attachment.

The laser liposuction procedure

Laser liposuction in Melbourne clinics is performed using a special laser liposuction device, developed and manufactured by a specialist medical manufacturing company. These devices meet the highest safety standards and must be used by a specialist practitioner.

The laser prepares and softens the fat before it is removed, using the regular tumescent liposuction technique that includes microcannulas. These tiny tubes are used to remove fat carefully via very small incisions. These incisions do not leave a noticeable scar, and fade to invisibility very soon after treatments.

The laser probe is inserted underneath the skin and does not leave scarring or cause extra damage to tissue. The best results are found not with or without laser during liposuction, but due to your practitioner. The best liposuction results come from having an expert liposuction doctor who is well-practised and has an artful eye.

Dr Michael Rich is the liposuction expert at ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne, and all procedures are expertly carried out by him. Dr Rich has been performing liposuction at his Melbourne clinic for over 35 years, and is considered a pioneer in his field.

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