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Nonsurgical tummy tuck options in Melbourne

Nonsurgical tummy tuck options in Melbourne
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There are several options when it comes to the nonsurgical tummy tuck – or tummy tightening and fat removal procedures – at our Melbourne clinic. We do not perform surgical tummy tucks, but we do have some outstanding nonsurgical options for tucking in your tummy if you feel a bit shy of going under the knife.

Trying out nonsurgical tummy tucks – what’s on offer?

We use a few different technologies to remove fat and tighten skin, ranging from liposuction to radiofrequency. We may use a combination for best results, since you may or may not need fat removal. If you have lost a significant amount of weight, you may just have loose skin to tidy up, but the option for both treatments is on the table. We do not perform surgical tummy tucks at ENRICH Clinic. Instead, we have a number of non-surgical options that form part of our Body Contouring Program.

Liposuction as a tummy tuck adjunct

Liposuction can reasonably quickly remove unwanted fat deposits in the abdominal area, leaving the area slimmer, more streamlined and shapely. Liposuction is a safe and effective long-lasting fat removal technique that can take your belly from overhanging or bulging to flatter and smoother in one treatment.

Radiofrequency – the ThermiTight

We use the ThermiTight radiofrequency device for our RF skin tightening treatments, and as part of the nonsurgical tummy tuck at our Melbourne clinic. The ThermiTight has the added bonus of acting as a fat removal device and a skin tightening device at the same time. The ThermiTight is a very effective method of skin tightening, as the probe directs the radiofrequency energy deeper into tissues than was possible before.

The VenusFreeze for skin tightening

We also use the VenusFreeze, which is another energy-based device used for skin tightening. We can tighten up loose belly skin that has developed due to pregnancy or after significant weight loss.

Who can benefit from ENRICH Clinic’s Body Contouring Program? 

Anyone with loose belly skin or excess fatty deposits in the abdominal area is a candidate for fat removal and skin tightening treatments as part of a nonsurgical tummy tuck at our Melbourne clinic.

We can help with sagging belly skin and excess abdominal fat.
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