ENRICH Skin Care Travel Pack

ENRICH Skin Care Travel Pack

  • ENRICH Vitamin A,B&C Anti-Oxidant Serum (15ml)
  • ENRICH Vitamin C Day Cream (30ml)
  • ENRICH Smoothing Eye Cream (15ml)
  • ENRICH Cleanser (30ml)

Suggested Use 

Day – Cleanse, Vitamin C Day Cream and 50+ sunscreen

Night – Cleanse, Vitamin C Night Cream, Smoothing Eye Cream

Serum –  A,B & C Serum can be used day or night under cream or on its own, depending on patient preference & practitioner recommendation.

*Please note product sizes in these packs 

Read more on  each of the individual products in the  ENRICH Skincare Range here 


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