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Putting on weight after liposuction – understanding lumps

Putting on weight after liposuction – understanding lumps
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Putting on weight after liposuction can be problematic in a couple of key ways, which is why maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime after your liposuction treatments is important.

The weight distribution that occurs pre- and post-liposuction will be different – new fat must be stored somewhere near to or away from the previous storage site. Let’s say you got abdominal liposuction – any fat you want to store in future will either go someplace else and be stored, or it will go close to your body’s usual storage spot: near the abdomen.

Before and after photos become irrelevant if body weight is not also a recorded note, since many people who undergo liposuction go on to put on weight, sometimes significant amounts. This can cause the liposuction-treated area to become lumpy, as the fat cells underneath unevenly collect the new fatty acid molecules.

The areas that were and were not treated become delineated, since there is a border of treated versus non-treated areas. This can create humps or lumps that are very obvious with extra weight added after the treatment. Over time, the areas that were treated with liposuction don’t gain much more fat, but other areas do, so if the abdomen, waist and flanks were treated with liposuction, then later the buttocks, breasts and other areas enlarge over time with weight gain.

In cases of significant weight gain, this can be very obvious, especially years after the initial liposuction treatment.

A good outcome after a few months, without weight gain and once swelling has gone down, can be reversed with a few kilograms extra on a small person. The more weight gain, the worse this look gets.

How to avoid weird lumps and bumps due to weight gain after liposuction

Rule #1. Have an excellent liposuction surgeon

A liposuction expert worth their mettle will perform your liposuction at our Melbourne clinic so that even if you put on a little weight, it will still look natural. This is a skill, and why having cheap liposuction is a no-no. Putting on weight is easy enough to do, and you can do without odd lumps and bumps if you do put on weight. The smaller you are, the more this matters.

Rule #2. Talk to your Melbourne liposuction doctor thoroughly about weight gain before your treatments

If you are prone to weight fluctuations, tell your liposuction doctor. They need to know so that they can give you the most flexible liposuction treatments to fit your body and lifestyle. Your doctor only knows what you tell them – they can’t watch you every day to see what you really do, so don’t feel embarrassed about your habits. They matter.

Additionally, you can ask your doctor about touch ups later if you do put on weight, but know where you’re at with it before you start.

Rule #3. Use the threat of lumps and bumps as motivation to stay at a healthy weight

You know this before you start, so stick to your guns. Don’t let laziness or life get in the way of keeping a healthy diet and exercise regime. If you naturally put on weight easily, make an effort to maintain your liposuction weight.

You want to be at a weight that doesn’t take a lot to control, because it doesn’t matter if you lose weight, only if you put it on, and having to be on a strict diet all your life is no fun. If you turn up to your liposuction appointment the fittest and slimmest you’ve ever been, then lose your mojo a month later, expect trouble. You have been warned!

Rule #4. If you struggle with your diet and weight, ask your doctor for help

You can ask for help! Recontouring your body is a big step, and you want to look and feel your best, so get advice. If you fall off the wagon, you can make another appointment at our Melbourne clinic to try to figure out the best course of action for you.

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