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Understanding how fat works with your liposuction procedures

Understanding how fat works with your liposuction procedures
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There is a lot to know about fat and how it works in our bodies, but some specific parts of how fat works are good to know when you are considering liposuction procedures. Understanding how fat works means you can not only manage your expectations in terms of what liposuction can do for you, but also take care of your body to keep your new shape long-term.

Subcutaneous fat – the fat just under the skin

The fat you can feel on top of your muscles, under your skin, is called subcutaneous fat, and this the type of fat that we remove during liposuction treatments. There are millions upon millions of these tiny fat cells, which stick together to form your fatty layers.

By the time you hit puberty, you have all the fat cells you’ll ever have, but during puberty, your fat starts to change depending on your chromosomes. Girls see fat appear on the breast and hips, while boys don’t.

If you put on weight, you are storing more fatty acids in fat cells, so the size of each fat cell will grow and shrink, but you do not develop any more fat cells. Women store fat more readily than men, who burn fat more easily. This is due to hormonal factors that influence where and how we store and use fat. We have been optimised for survival – men can burn fat quickly for energy, while women find this more difficult, because women need fat to produce hormones used for fertility. This means women’s bodies hang on to fat longer than men’s.

Genes, diet and lifestyle will dictate where your fat is stored and how easy or hard it is to shift. Many of us follow healthy diets and exercise regularly, but still have fat pockets that won’t budge. It’s impossible to pinpoint specific areas of our bodies for fat loss without targeted treatments like liposuction or fat freezing, because we lose fat – energy – from across our whole bodies when we diet or exercise. We don’t get to control that.

Liposuction packages at our Melbourne clinic

Liposuction is a surgical procedure whereby your individual fat cells are physically removed from an area of your body. This reduces the number of fat cells your body has, while also shaping the area – liposculpture.

You may want more than one area of your body treated, which means you can book in for a liposuction package at our Melbourne clinic, with a rate that accounts for more than one area being treated at the same time.

Liposuction packages – what do they include?

A liposuction package includes whatever areas you want treated, using the time in the operating theatre to safely and effectively sculpt your body across multiple locations. You can get a double chin treatment, a breast reduction (and natural lift!), liposuction on your belly, back, arms, thighs or hips. You dictate what you would like done, and Dr Michael Rich will put together a liposuction package for you based on your individual needs.

Liposuction package FAQs – Melbourne clinic

How much does liposuction cost?

This varies depending on what you want done, but you can find out more on our liposuction package cost page.

Is the fat removal forever?

Yes, liposuction removes fat cells, and you never grow more.

What happens if I put on weight after liposuction?

You need to exercise and have a healthy diet to maintain your weight, because if you put on fat after liposuction, it will appear in other areas of your body. Your liposuction will be performed so that you don’t look unnatural even if you put on weight, but your weight distribution will differ from what it did.

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