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Upper arm liposuction

Upper arm liposuction
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Liposuction to remove fat deposits from the upper arm can be an excellent method of reshaping and defining the arms. Sometimes upper arm fat sticks around, despite every effort to remove it using a healthy diet and exercise. The upper arm can retain fat, like other parts of the body, and just building muscle or toning the arms doesn’t always make it go away.

Upper arm liposuction is useful in cases of:

  • Stubborn fat in the upper arms
  • Thick or bulky arms
  • Flabby arms
  • ‘Bat wings’
  • Wanting greater muscle definition

The procedure
Upper arm liposuction is a relatively straightforward procedure, and involves several carefully-placed incisions, then very small tubes (cannulas) inserted to suck the fat out. The procedure is done under anaesthetic, however your surgeon will decide if local or general anaesthetic is best for your procedure.

An incision is made near the elbow, in the crease of the armpit, or on the side, depending on your body. Special tumescent fluid (anaesthetic and other fluids) is injected into the fatty tissue, which helps to soften it and allows the easy breaking down of the fat, so it can be removed. This special fluid helps reduce bleeding and bruising, and keeps the procedure pain-free. The skin, muscles, nerves and other tissue are left intact.

Recovery from upper arm liposuction
Recovery from any liposuction procedure takes some time, and results are generally not seen until all the swelling resolves, which can take many weeks. The smaller the area treated, the faster the recovery. You will need to wear compression garments for several weeks to help the swelling go down. There is always bruising from liposuction, since it is an invasive surgical procedure. There are some risks from all surgeries, but your doctor will discuss those with you. Your new arms will start to appear after many weeks.

Will my skin sag after the fat is removed?
Not usually, because skin retracts to fit around whatever it encases, i.e. muscles and fat, which change size many times throughout our lives

If there is excess baggy skin after the treatment, we have excellent skin-tightening treatments available.

Can I use other non-surgical methods besides liposuction for removing arm fat?
Yes. We have the Clatuu fat freezing device, plus other machines that can destroy fat cells from the skin’s surface, without any incisions. Talk to us about your options.

Got upper arm fat you want to disappear?
We do beautiful liposuction.
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