Cellulaze is a new surgical cellulite treatment using a special laser device that cuts the bands that push fat to the surface, and lasers the fat inside these columns at the same time.

Cellulaze is considered surgical, because the laser acts as the surgeon’s tool underneath the skin and tissue is cut. A scalpel wouldn’t have the same effect though. Surgery has never previously been an option for treating cellulite, and Cellulaze is extremely new to market.

Note: We do not offer Cellulaze at ENRICH Clinic, as it is not yet a proven treatment for managing cellulite and Dr Rich believes the Ultraformer III and ThermiTight offer better results. We have our very own effective, nonsurgical Cellufix treatment program using these technologies.

The Cellulaze treatments take between an hour and an hour-and-a-half to complete, with the surgeon making an incision, then placing a tiny tube (cannula) and a special laser fibre into the skin to complete the treatments. The laser fibre is designed to release the bands that cause cellulite to appear, stimulate the production of collagen to help smooth out skin, and smooth fat lumps out. Certain areas of fat may be liquefied and then expelled.

Recovery from Cellulaze
Recovery from Cellulaze procedures can be uncomfortable, with the possibility of leaking fluid out of incisions. A compression garment may need to be worn. Bruising may appear with some swelling to be expected. A pinching feeling is often experienced after the Cellulaze treatment, with 1-2 days off normal activities required. You should wait several weeks before vigorous exercise can be undertaken, with visible results best observed 3-12 months after the procedure, much like liposuction.

As with all cellulite treatments, Cellulaze doesn’t last forever, although studies have shown an 85 per cent satisfaction rate amongst patients, with 72 per cent maintaining the effect or some effect after five years. These results should be taken with some caution, since this method of removing cellulite is very new.

The procedure

  1. Local anaesthetic (tumescent fluid) is injected.
  2. A special split-beam laser is inserted via an incision in the skin.
  3. The laser heats up the fat between the fibrous bands in the skin, bursting the fat cells. The fat cell contents will then be scavenged by the body and removed over time.
  4. The bands that pull on the skin are cut with the laser.
  5. The skin is treated with laser to thicken it, by up to 25 per cent.

Nonsurgical cellulite removal options
We have a full suite of cellulite management strategies that are noninvasive and longer-lasting. Our Cellufix Program is very effective without surgery of any kind.

We have effective cellulite removal strategies.
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