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What are Smartlipo and SlimLipo laser liposuction?

What are Smartlipo and SlimLipo laser liposuction?

Smartlipo and SlimLipo are branded machines for laser lipolysis, used as a method of long-lasting fat removal using specifically directed thermal heat energy to damage the outer membrane of fat cells, allowing the liquid contents to escape. ‘Regular’ liposuction is then performed to remove the fat tissue. Smartlipo and SlimLipo use the same access gateway to the fat – the micro-cannulas – and once the cells have been ruptured, the tumescent technique is then used to remove the fat.

Smartlipo is performed with a special fibre-optic laser tool set to a specific setting of 39 degrees Celsius – the temperature that bursts fat cells. SlimLipo is another machine that uses laser technology for the same end, using different frequencies to burst fat cells.

NOTE: At ENRICH, we prefer to use the tumescent liposuction technique because it is reliable, consistent and gives excellent, smooth results. We do not offer laser liposuction using the SmartLipo device. This page is offered for information only. 

How tumescent liposuction works
Tumescent liposuction – what most liposuction practitioners are using and what happens after the fat cells are liquefied – works by first inserting a special anaesthetic liquid that stems bleeding, numbs the whole area, and then selectively sucking the fat out for smooth results.

Smartlipo and SlimLipo laser liposuction
Smartlipo and SlimLipo add in heat-triggered skin tightening, and reduce bleeding even more than just the tumescent technique, since the heat quickly seals blood vessels. It is not better or worse than any other technique; they are just laser liposuction devices. There are many on the market, but these two are the most popular and well-marketed.

Your surgeon matters when it comes to any form of liposuction
There are some key issues with smart lipo, including inconsistent results, but more importantly, inexperienced practitioners. Tumescent liposuction is the gold standard in liposuction techniques to which everything else is compared, with or without the addition of the laser – it’s all more or less the same.

Your surgeon really matters when it comes to body sculpting, so choosing someone who is completely at home with their craft, tools and equipment is critical for excellent results.

It’s not the equipment; it’s the surgeon. Choose wisely.

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