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ENRICH Clinic - Dr Michael Rich introduces ENRICH
ENRICH Clinic - Meeting Our Nurses
ENRICH Clinic - Dr Sandy Fieldhouse - Vaginal Rejuvenation

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The thread lift: is it worth it?

Getting a thread lift (also known as a mini facelift or a suture lift) is a quick way to tighten and rejuvenate your facial profile, but it’s not for everyone. The general gist of it is that a thread lift is that it is a…
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Crosslinked hyaluronic acid dermal fillers found to improve skin barrier function

A 2016 study has found that crosslinked hyaluronic acid (not yet the kind typically used in most dermal filler applications at your local friendly cosmetic dermatologist) improve the skin’s barrier function among other extra benefits besides anti-ageing. What is the barrier function of the skin?…
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Enrich is a cosmetic clinic and dermatology/skin clinic in Melbourne that treats thousands of Melbourne patients every week for conditions ranging from eczema, to wrinkles, to varicose veins.

Enrich Melbourne dermatology clinic you have found the best
Finding the Melbourne dermatological clinic that will best solve your skin and anti-ageing issues can be difficult, but look no further. Enrich prides itself on providing Melbourne dermatology patients with the very best care and quality, effective treatments.

Your new cosmetic clinic in Melbourne
Cosmetic dermatology clinics are not all created equal. Enrich is one of the most well-respected dermatology and skin clinics in Melbourne. We deal just as much in aesthetics as dermatology, making our clinic highly experienced in all facets of dermatology, including cosmetic dermatology.

We understand that the condition of your skin and your skin condition are both elements of your skincare that we can tackle at once. Having a profound understanding of skin means our Melbourne dermatology and skin clinic is world-class, and our doctors are highly experienced and sought-after.

Reputation, skill, and experience are everything
At Enrich, we pride ourselves on offering outstanding service to our valued clientele. If you were after the best dermatology clinic in Melbourne, look no further. Our doctors are experts in their field, with Dr Michael Rich, Enrich founder, being a liposuction and dermatological pioneer. Our other doctors are researchers and experts in various skin conditions, like eczema, ageing, and blood-vessel conditions, so no matter what the problem is, we have an expert doctor waiting to treat you, with the most effective technology at their fingertips.

All our doctors are experienced and highly-trained
At Enrich, only doctors do injection-based cosmetic treatments, unlike many other clinics that have nurses doing these tasks. We believe only a highly-trained doctor should be wielding the needle that will change or augment your face or body.

We pride ourselves on offering our clients only the best
If your skin needs a helping hand in any way, Enrich can help. We can treat any skin condition and provide you with anti-ageing solutions that actually work. We have state-of-the-art equipment, the best doctors, and outstanding nurses and support staff. Every procedure or treatment we offer you will be heavily tried and tested to make sure it meets our high standards.

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