Zap sweaty armpits for good

20 December, 2017
A new dermatologist’s gadget has arrived in clinic for those wanting to get rid of sweaty armpits in a more long-lasting fashion than antiperspirant can offer. The 'excessive sweating treatment device' sends energy into the sweat glands of the armpits, destroying them. A 90-minute treatment cuts sweat by 82 percent. The excessive sweating treatment device [...]

Ways to manage sweat this

1 October, 2017

It’s normal to sweat, but sometimes sweating can get out of control. Understanding the way treatments work means you can choose the one that’s right for the situation.  This is called hyperhidrosis, and may result in wet patches around your armpits, back or groin, or your scalp or hands or feet might get slick with […]