What to ask a cosmetic

4 April, 2019

Cosmetic surgery and procedures can feel a bit scary, so asking the right questions at your appointment can make all the difference. In your appointment, you are free to ask any cosmetic surgery questions you may have. No doubt you’ve scoured the internet for information on your procedure, but every person and procedure is a […]


Can snoring be dangerous? We

1 March, 2019

If you, or someone you live with snores, you’ll know what a disturbing effect it can have on the enjoyment of a quality night’s sleep! Snorers (or their partners) may feel increasingly tired and unable to obtain a restful, deep sleep. If snoring is an issue for you, ENRICH Clinic can help. The Romeo laser […]


Why women snore and effective

21 May, 2018
Women’s snoring is often ignored, because it tends to be softer and less noticeable than men’s. Men are also stereotypically known as snorers, which is not unfounded, but women should not be excluded, but rather included as also being snorers. Ignored snoring can have devastating consequences for a life, resulting in daytime tiredness and a [...]