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Comparison of Clatuu, Coolsculpting, Cooltech and liposuction

Comparison of Clatuu, Coolsculpting, Cooltech and liposuction

It can be difficult trying to evaluate the pros and cons of the different fat-removal techniques available to you. The following types of fat removal are long-lasting, so the best way to get the answers you seek is to set an appointment with your trusted cosmetic doctor who will have recommendations for you based on your aesthetic goals, fat distribution, body shape, and skin type.

Fat freezing versus liposuction
This is the first major question, since fat freezing is a non-surgical fat removal technique, but liposuction can have smoother results with a greater reduction in fat deposits. The point is, it really depends on your goals and needs.

Coolsculpt or Clatuu?
Fat-freezing devices come in two forms: Coolsculpting and the Clatuu. The Clatuu is the newer, better-performing machine, and is the machine that we use at ENRICH. This doesn’t mean that the Coolsculpt won’t do what you want: it will, but it takes longer because it only has a single device head and requires more treatments. This is why we unequivocally prefer the Clatuu.

The pros and cons of fat-freezing versus liposuction
The main difference in outcomes is that more fat can be removed with liposuction than fat freezing. The treatments are quite different, however, including in price.

Clatuu fat-freezing pros and cons

  • Non-invasive
  • Non-surgical
  • Dual head allows two areas to be treated at the same time (Coolsculpting only has one head)
  • Relatively cheap (Coolsculpting tends to cost more)
  • No downtime
  • Treatment time no more than one hour (Coolsculpting is up to three hours)
  • Two treatment cycles offers up to 25 per cent fat reduction (Coolsculpting requires more time per treatment, so ultimately half as much fat removal per treatment)
  • Option for those who can’t undergo surgery
  • Can have irregular results

Liposuction pros and cons

  • One treatment required for on average a 40-50 per cent fat reduction
  • Better body contouring
  • See results faster
  • Use liposuction with other skin-tightening procedures (like the ThermiTight)
  • Recovery is bumpier – swelling, pressure garments required
  • Surgical – requires incisions
  • Tumescent liposuction (which we use) is considered very safe compared with other liposuction methods
  • Large-volume liposuction may be appropriate
  • Dr Rich is a liposuction pioneer in Australia, and you can expect excellent results

Cooltech fat freezing and Cooltech fat reduction treatments

The Cooltech fat freezing device is the new kid on the block, and offers multiple handpieces to perform the Cooltech fat reduction treatment.

Neither procedure is a weight-loss tool, but is for body sculpting. If you have a lot of loose skin or other irregularities, a combination of treatments or a different treatment may be more appropriate. Speak to your cosmetic doctor for the full range of options for your aesthetic goals.

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