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Dealing with fear of lip injections – let’s talk it over

Dealing with fear of lip injections – let’s talk it over
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Lip filler fear of needles MelbourneGetting lip injections for the very first time can be scary – will it hurt? Will you look ridiculous? Will it bruise? There are so many questions!

The reasons why you might get lip injections are very personal. Maybe you’ve always had thin lips, maybe your lips are unevenly shaped, or perhaps an accident left you with a look you are not happy with. Or maybe you just wanted to try it out for size and have more room for lipstick!

No matter your reasons for wanting lip injections, your experience should be a good one, with results you feel comfortable and happy with. To achieve that end, you may need to face down some fears and get answers that satisfy you. Then, you just have to dive in – you’ll never know if you don’t try, right?

Pre-appointment nerves – injections of foreign substances

If you haven’t had anti-wrinkle injections, body piercings or tattoos before, having a needle repeatedly jabbed into your lips is a terrifying prospect. But that’s not all. You are having a foreign substance injected into your lips. Luckily, the dermal filler we use for lips is the synthetic form of a naturally-occurring substance already found in abundance in skin. We use the synthetic form, because it is less likely to cause a reaction than an animal-derived form. This is safer. We can’t help you if you have a fear of needles – perhaps lip injections are not the thing for you in that case.

Worrying about looking overcooked

Looking overdone is probably one of our clients’ greatest concerns, but you can rest assured that a cosmetic dermatologist worth their mettle will never let you walk out looking ridiculous. The experience of your doctor means they know what looks good on faces, with a balancing of features being key to your lip injections.

We also have an enzyme that we can inject into your lips if for some reason you don’t like it. This enzyme completely dissolves the lip injections within five minutes. You can come back for this anytime you like, if you change your mind.

Friends and family opposition

There tends to be two differing views regarding lip injections that you will come across: those who don’t understand why you would want to do such a thing, and those who will high five you. Make no mistake, you will get mixed reactions from friends, family and work colleagues – if you tell them. Not everyone is a fan of body alterations, but if lip injections are something you really want, you can reassure your people that the procedure is considered incredibly safe and it is temporary. Or you can just keep it to yourself – they won’t notice if your cosmetic dermatologist does a good job.

Fear of an adverse reaction to the lip injections

Lip injections are one of the safest cosmetic procedures you can have, with millions of women across the globe having trailblazed before you. There are very few adverse outcomes reported for lip injections, and while this doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you, it means it’s very unlikely that you will be the chosen one to bear the brunt of an adverse reaction to lip injections.

Choosing a cosmetic dermatologist and clinic in Melbourne

Doing your homework is important when getting anything injected into your body, so read up on the dermal fillers your cosmetic dermatologist plans on using, but more importantly, read up on your cosmetic dermatologist. You do not want a beautician or amateur giving you lip injections. You want a cosmetically-trained doctor.

We take good care of you and your nerves at our Melbourne clinic.
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