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Chin Injections
Chin Injections

Chin Injections Melbourne

The way we do chin augmentation these days is quite different to in the past – we can now bolster a small chin or reshape it with filler injections or muscle-relaxants before even considering major chin surgery. You can now try before you buy, so to speak, in longevity terms.

We can also do implants or other surgery to correct irregularities or give you a longer-lasting approach to your facial sculpting.

Treatment with anti-wrinkle muscle-relaxant chin injections can actually help minimise the appearance of chin dimples and creases. Just as anti-wrinkle injections help wrinkles and fine lines in other areas of the face, they are effective in minimising the appearance of the pebbly, orange-peel appearance of the chin.

Although this is not yet well known, most people over 40 have some over-activity of the mentalis muscle in the chin, and therefore relaxing this muscle will lengthen the chin and help to reduce the square facial shape of ageing.


The chin enhancement treatment can also reduce some of the muscle bulk, and regular treatment of the chin muscle can minimise the development of the ‘witchy’ chin. As with all anti-wrinkle treatments, the procedure will need to be repeated to maintain the benefits.

Patients with especially deep chin dimples and creases, or scarring may experience optimal results using a combination of dermal fillers and muscle-relaxing anti-wrinkle injections .

Contact ENRICH to discuss how we can address your individual chin and face-shape concerns.

Why do we do chin enhancements? – Melbourne clinic

Chin enhancements can include chin injections with chin fillers or implants to augment the chin. The chin can be enhanced in several ways, but what is required will depend entirely on the appearance of the chin in the first place, and your natural features. Balance is everything.

Chin augmentation is a way to create a more appealing shape in the chin area. This might include making it sharper, more rounded, or less pebbly.

Chin injections and chin fillers in our Armadale clinic (Melbourne)

We use special dermal fillers and muscle relaxant chin injections for chin augmentation and chin enhancement at our Armadale (Melbourne) clinic. The products that we use for this result in very little swelling or bruising, so downtime is very minimal. Some swelling may be seen for up to two or three days, but not longer. These chin injections can have a lasting impact, sometimes up to two years. Muscle relaxant injections last three or four months. Most chin augmentation procedures need to be repeated, as they are temporary, but this is a benefit – as your face changes as you age, we can update your chin to suit the rest of your face as part of your anti-ageing and beautifying strategies.

Who is the best candidate for chin augmentation?

The faces that get the most pronounced benefit from chin augmentation are those people with a small or underwhelming chin. We can build a small chin up, but reducing a large or square chin can be a bit more advanced. (We can definitely make a large chin smaller, but the process is different.)

Women can have very weak, protracted chins that can benefit from chin injections. Some men have a weak chin which can be bolstered with chin fillers too, to improve the overall look of the jaw.

The lower face can benefit from becoming less rounded, to create a bottom-sided triangular peak to the bottom face. It creates a more youthful contour, with chin enhancement often used in conjunction with other facial sculpting treatments.

How much is chin augmentation?

This will depend entirely on what you are getting done, and so must be discussed in person with your cosmetic dermatologist. Typically you are paying for the injections used (if they are used) by the millilitre, plus the time of the person injecting, plus the cost of the facilities. Each clinic’s fees are different, so call us to find out what you can expect to pay.

Usually for a simple chin injection, you are looking at hundreds, but once more advanced strategies are being put into place, it will quickly get into the thousands.

Chin implants – when are they used?

Cosmetic dermatologists tend to overlook chin implants these days as ‘first call’, because we have more useful options available to us. Implants of any kind have a series of risks involved, including not being as naturally beautiful as we might like.

Chin injections of muscle-relaxants and dermal fillers tend to be more flexible, less risky for infections, and look very natural. Chin implants are also more difficult to remove without scarring or other difficulties. We generally prefer the less risky, more appealing results of dermal filler chin injections. From time to time, a client will be best suited to a chin implant, which we offer on a case by case basis.

Implants used to be made out of bone taken from another part of your body or someone else, but infection rates were too high to make this the way forward. Instead, implants are now made from other materials such as silicone, goretex or medpore.

Other techniques might include the use of your own chin bone, but pushing it forward (a sliding genioplasty). This is uncommon, however.

Chin filler injections (dermal filler)

We typically use chin filler (dermal filler) injections for chin enhancement and improved contours of the jawline and face because it works so well and very quickly.

Muscle relaxant chin injections

Relaxing the muscles in the chin to reduce ‘witchy’ chin and dimpled chins is a very solid strategy in some people for producing the results they are after. The mentalis muscle of the chin can pull the chin upwards, causing it to point outwards rather than down. Muscle relaxant injections immediately solve this problem, while having the added benefit of reducing the strength of the muscle over time due to lack of use. This overall reduces the chin’s upward/outward pointing.

Do chin injections hurt?

Chin injections for chin augmentation are a pinprick of the injection, and are just a slight discomfort. There is very little to no swelling with muscle relaxants, but dermal fillers can cause some slight swelling for several days.

Non-surgical chin augmentation

Changing the shape of your chin is a big decision, but one that can make a huge (though subtle) difference to the profile of your face. The jawline can be accentuated and the face can become more balanced as a result. Fat can be removed from the chin area to reduce a double chin.

Surgical chin enhancements

There are several surgeries that can change the shape of the face – a chin implant, genioplasty or mandibular osteotomy are all augmentations that are done surgically to alter the way the chin and jaw appears.

Chin filler techniques and aesthetics

There are a few important treatment considerations when approaching a chin cosmetically. A balanced profile is achieved when the bridge of the nose is in line with the edge of the chin when looking at the face in profile. Dermal filler can be used to bring the chin out to be at bridge-level, thus balancing out the face.

The chin must blend in with the jawline, particularly as we age – the jowls can drop below the jawline, which must be taken into consideration when apply chin enhancements.

Correcting chin deformities or injury

Sometimes we are born with a piece of us that was built irregularly in the womb or other times, an accident causes damage that can’t be healed in a symmetrical or regular way. These irregularities can be corrected to look more ‘normal’ with a few tweaks, though each of you with chin irregularities will be very unique in your needs, so will be examined thoroughly before a plan can be made.

Surgical enhancements may be the best route forward for long-lasting changes to your face.

Chin augmentation in men – creating a strong chin and jaw

Face shape in men is strongly correlated with perceptions of masculinity. A strong jaw and chin is considered to be attractive in both men and women throughout our lives, and one of the reasons for this is that it brings balance to our face.

Being in proportion matters when it comes to perceptions of attractiveness and masculinity, but what’s more, the perception of a man’s chin is counted in terms of how physically attractive women find them.

Science has discovered this interesting tidbit, saying that men who possess large eyes, prominent cheekbones and a large chin, with a large smile and ‘high-status’ clothing, were determined more attractive than other men. Out of those five things, you can change only a couple of them, with one of those being the chin.
We can give you a more beautiful jawline and chin.
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*Results may vary from person to person

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