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Got a sagging neck and jowls? RF treatments can help

Got a sagging neck and jowls? RF treatments can help
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Radiofrequency treatments have come a long way, with the latest technology being the ThermiRF. The ThermiRF has multiple hand-pieces, with one being the ThermiTight, used to tighten skin across the body, including around the face and neck.

It works – science says

A study published in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology concluded that the ThermiTight is a safe, effective technology for treating sagging skin in the neck and jowls. Thirty-five patients underwent skin tightening treatments specifically on the neck and jowls, with statistically significant improvements in skin laxity in both men and women. Over 70 per cent of the test subjects saw a clinical improvement in skin laxity.

Two independent reviewers were given before and after photos of the test subjects, and correctly identified in 89 per cent of cases the before and after photo. No adverse effects were reported, with no redness, rashes, or pigmentation issues occurring.

Radiofrequency devices have been plagued by unpredictable results and side-effects, so the delivery of a machine that overcomes those obstacles has been welcomed by the cosmetic industry.

How does the ThermiTight work?

The ThermiTight works by delivering a carefully-controlled temperature beam to the dermal and subdermal tissue in the treatment area, to stimulate the collagen-producing cells beneath in a very specific manner. The device has a special camera that monitors the skin temperature, and this advanced imaging means the ThermiTight practitioner can see and direct heat into all three layers of skin – this means optimal skin tightening in the one session.

The cells targeted are the collagen and elastin-producing cells. Once these cells are targeted, they start to produce more collagen, causing the skin to become firmer and tighter. After treatments, the effects increase as collagen production is ramped up.

ThermiTight is only available at very select clinics globally, with ENRICH being one such clinic.

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