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How to reduce the appearance of melasma

How to reduce the appearance of melasma
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melasma melbourneMelasma can really put the brakes on feeling good about how you look, especially when it affects your face and isn’t easy to cover.

Here are some tips on making it all go away, at least temporarily. The first step is preventing more outbreaks, so make sure you really know – or can find out with a bit of sleuth work – what is triggering your melasma. Prevention is much better than these helpful hints (and it costs less too!). It is best to see a dermatologist who can treat your melasma, as well as using whatever at-home treatments work for you.

Avoid common – and not so common – triggers
This could include hot belt buckles, hair dryers, hot domes or sunglasses arms, sitting in a car on a sunny day, or working under heat lamps or bright lights. Read this article about unusual melasma triggers so you’re completely versed on what constitutes a possible trigger. Always wear high spectrum sunscreen, wear a wide-brimmed hat when outside, be gentle to your skin, and avoid waxing.

Try tinted second-skins
These are really interesting as a new way to completely obscure – without any ill effects – your melasma patches. There is an Australian company set up by a former film makeup artist that has a special iPhone app to test your current skin colour to get a second skin in just the right tone. The results are pretty incredible.

Try different kinds of theatrical concealers
There are many makeups that can match your skin tone and adequately cover melasma paleness, but you may need to shop at a theatrics store, rather than your makeup counter at Myer. The job of makeup artists and theatre crews is to create whole new looks, cover up people’s real faces, and present their best side.

You can take advantage of the technology to cover your uneven skin tone. These kinds of stores are not necessarily easy to come by, but they do exist. It’s best to go in person, since matching tones with makeup isn’t easy using typical computer monitors, and the products are not going to be cheap.

Treat your melasma.
We’ve got the tools to treat melasma in Melbourne.

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