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Laser hair removal for newbies – what you need to know

Laser hair removal for newbies – what you need to know
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Your friend lifts her arm and shows you her silky smooth and hairless pit. She’s had laser hair removal treatments, and you want that. You want that! But what’s it really like? Does it work? Does it hurt? We walk you through the whole process so there is nothing left to your imagination, and silky smooth hair-free skin – wherever on your body you want it – can be yours.

Depending on how hairy you are to begin with, you will have had varying battles with hair removal techniques over the years and have a good benchmark for whether laser hair removal is a path you want to or are able to go down.

The hairier amongst you have no doubt been eagerly looking into laser hair removal, since the fight never ends and the stubble is relentless. Shaving is our introductory hair removal sport, and it’s sport because there are war wounds: nicks, cuts, bloodied knees and ankles, shaving rash that stings and is red and sore, dry shave disasters or the horrors of goosebumps. Learning how to liberate an ingrown hair; navigating disposable razors; trying to remember to slow down; and knees? Waxing is terrifying. Electrolysis is expensive. Hair removal creams stink.

So, laser hair removal, the new kid on the block, wanders into town with poetry promising hair begone forever, silky smooth skin, never having to worry about your bikini line again…

The poetry has a footnote: you have to go back 6-10 times, every 6-8 weeks, and if you are especially hairy, you may want more areas done than you can afford at any given moment.

But… the freedom! The poetry sings to you.

Things you need to know about laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is for men and women, providing long-lasting hair removal to those with darker hair and lighter skin (sorry redheads), though newer lasers work on darker hair and darker skin (ask at our Melbourne clinic – we have the best lasers for all skin and hair types).

You can get laser hair removal just about anywhere on your body, but we do not do eyebrows or hair near your eyes for safety reasons. We can do hairy faces though. Bikini line, Brazilian, nipple, anus, backs, snail trails, buttocks, legs, armpits, arms. Just about everywhere.

Cost depends on the area from which you are getting hair removed, but you can usually buy a pack of six or 10, for a set price and a discount. Buying in bulk is smart, and in advance, then you don’t have to put aside money every couple of months, and can just relax and enjoy your treatments.

You want good practitioners, not newbies who are new on the tools. At ENRICH in Melbourne, our experienced laser hair removal practitioners have done it thousands upon thousands of times before you turned up. They are very good at it.

You need a number of sessions to get the hair in its active growth cycle each time – hair takes its time to grow, and grows at different rates out of each follicle, to keep you hairy at all times! This is why you have to come back so often.

Laser hair removal is actually a hair reduction technique, and you may need touch-ups or to shave sometimes for special occasions. The hair that grows back is quite fine and usually unnoticeable to the eye, however everyone is a bit different.

You have to shave the area you want hair removed from the day before your laser hair removal appointments, so that just the hair below the skin line is present. If the hair is above the skin, it heats up and shrivels the hair, but that heat doesn’t transfer to the follicle, where it is required to damage the hair follicle and knock off its hair-growth capabilities.

The hair will fall out a week or so after each appointment, and new hairs will grow out of different follicles. This hair will thin out more and more each time until none grows back, except maybe some stragglers – in which case, it’s touch-up time.

If you stop your treatments mid-way, the hair will grow back as it was before. You must keep going with your treatments and complete them. You can’t just do treatments as you can afford them, as you’ll totally negate your past treatments if you don’t follow through.

Laser hair removal, at the right laser settings, shouldn’t hurt. It should feel like a gentle stinging feeling, like a prickle, with the hand piece of the laser device cooled to avoid burns. Laser hair removal works via heat, which shoots down the hair, and is absorbed by the surrounding cells, which are damaged and stop producing a hair. Anything dark can also be inadvertently targeted, like a mole, freckle or birth mark, so these areas will be avoided by your technician.

You will have ultrasound gel applied to help the handpiece glide across your skin, which is like KY Jelly – a bit sticky and needs washing off later. Prepare to have sticky skin for the rest of the day/until you can shower.

You get to wear some fancy sunnies while you get your treatments done to protect your eyes from any erroneous laser beams.

Getting your bikini line or anus done is awkward and very intimate, but remember your technician does this all the time and has seen it all.

Contact our Melbourne clinic for some of the finest laser hair removal in all of Australia.

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